The keywords – CSP

Indians are undeniably unique - unique in their way of living, unique in their thought process, unique in their dressing style and even innovation. From us, came not only zero and USB, but also the most elegant, yet the sexiest attire in the world. T
his five and a half meter of cloth could be more revealing than Priyanka Chopra’s golden bikini! Stay on, I am not here to talk about saree; boys have already done enough research on that! 

Talking about the Indian way of questioning and sharing concerns, we have some predefined FAQs, which are mostly raised by aunties, grannies and mommies. Even colleagues! Like, today at the lunch table she asked him, “Wow, so many dishes your wife has packed for lunch! Love blooms - in the form of beetroot and potatoes, even after 2 years of marriage! Impressive!”

And this guy replied “Yes, she is nice!” And we all smiled at him feeling good for the girl.

The next question from the same lady, “Oh so, is the junior in the making? Planning or execution stage?” She sounded like the President of “Association of Curious and Impatient Mothers and Mothers-in-law” in the country. By the way, every second person in India is eligible to become the president of this association!

It is a ritual in our country to spend time, energy and money on gold, food and decoration. Why? - To fancily lock the girl and the boy in a room, so that from day 2, parents, relatives and the entire neighborhood can ask if the girl has started showing baby bump. For the boy, it is more like proving his manliness to the whole world! 

After the wedding there is only one “good news”, which is not a promotion at work or buying a house. It has to be that one obvious ‘good news’! Recently, out of the blue, my cousin called and without any headlines to the content, he gave me “The” good news, “I have done my bit successfully, we are gonna enter parenthood shortly!”

“Wow… Congrats to-be daddy & mommy!”,
I felt really happy for them and also their parents and relatives and second cousins and grand aunts and uncles and current neighbors and previous neighbors. Even the lady who sells fish to her mother and the gardener who occasionally works in the yard there. All of them have been waiting keenly for many years for this to happen. Now they can move on in their lives.  

“Compulsion, stress and pressure! I had no choice in the end; I will start seeing my wife grow forward".
My cousin told me and I rolled on the floor laughing. 

He continued, “I even felt that we were being talked about more than global warming and Obama completing one year as the president of USA. Everybody was so concerned. Before I could receive a memorandum-of-request signed by the entire population of Kerala, I managed it to do it! I was still giggling lying down!

So don’t forget the key words: CSP - Compulsion, Stress and Pressure! Have you learnt to overcome it?  

You too experienced CSP? Most welcome to share your stories in the comment box below!



Tan said...

Me here first!!! :)

True Shalini....Most of the people in India are too speculative in others personal matters!!!

The same is the case with marriage. When we complete our studies, this is the only question to us and our parents by most of the aunts and grannies.

They show more concern than our parents!!!

Meethi said...

When you are single.. the "Good news" ought to be 'I'm getting married to so n so' and once you are married.. the one which you just spoke about :-)

lostworld said...

I experience CSP everyday.. 'cos I'm not married. Since you have crossed that bridge, you would be all too familiar with that by now;-)

Anonymous said...

Hilarious, out of the world. Humor at its best! Amazingly written, lady!! You should really really think of taking writing as ur profession.


Anonymous said...

heheheh..I dont know , how but nowadays I get to ready these kind of CSP on many blogs adding on to my list of CSPs !!!!;)

Well written with humorous touch :)

Anonymous said...

He he......nice one again! Well, Shalini has a writing job already, what Shals?

Well, folks out there, I have been through this and know what it is. But back then, whenever i got irritated with such comments and expressed to my hubby, my hubby always asked me to reply back viz., "News, what News ? Oh probably I missed the headlines today! Something happng! Another century by Tendular!" or totaly ask some crap! I did not try it, maybe some of you can still give this a try! Better luck!

$$ said...

@ Tan - exactly! Peeping and poking their nose into others' business are their fav activities!

@ Meeti - Hehehe... I got over the first question, n no of them lying ahead of me! ;)

@ lostworld - Then, All the best darling! I see a bright future for you. Hehhe..!!!

@ Preeth - Thanks!

@ A dreamy gal - Thank You! So, r u too a victim of CSP?

@ G3 - Brillianto madam G! Next time, I wud say, "yeah yeah.. good news is that Anil Kumble is again the captain of R.Challengers!"

Shiva said...

"I see my wife growing forward!” - :)

As humorous as ever!

$$ said...

Shiva - as motivating as ever! :)

MissAnnThrope said...
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MissAnnThrope said...

i think you ought to publish this as your thesis on anthropology and human behavior darling!!

excellent stuff! :)

Anonymous said...

$$ ,Check out this post

I'm replicating same comment here also
Its the usual state of affairs…like did your son\daughter jobbed ….is she\he still working in same company…….why he\she is not getting married ..y no kids etc etc ….what 2 do we Indians are so ‘concerned’ about others….and for we youngsters this ‘concern’ is so irritating…..it is same everywhere…Don’t know why can’t these people just mind there own business….hope at least next generation will be spared from all this.

@ Rags --- ROFL

Swaram said...

LOL ... I cn so relate with this one :P
So, its high we get on to the process of making a baby too and get out of the CSP stage ;) ;)
Hilarious post :D

Remember visiting u from Lostworld's page once .. thought she shared the link :)

N eh, congrats to Rats and Rags :D

$$ said...

@ Dannilla - May be I shall do that! Ask me about pregnancy enquiry, I can write volumes on that! :)

@ anishthomas - I read the write up, it is hilarious! Thanks for sharing! :)

@ Swaram - Hehehe... exactly! :) BTW, I read few more of ur posts. They are just out of the world.

Anonymous said...

To ""fancily"" lock the girl and the boy in a room

-- loved the usage, in fact true too!


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