"Sheikh" it up in Dubai

Question for the day: “Recently, who lost world's highest position”?
Answers came from all over.

“George Bush”
“Amitab Bachan”
“Osama Bin Laden ”
“Ricky Ponting”

No”.. “No!!!!
He is “Babu Kuttan” from Kalyasseri.
“Huh…???” Everybody raised their eye brows! “Who is Babu Kuttan??”

Well… Babu Kuttan was the crane operator at Al-Burj - the tallest building in the world, in Dubai. However, Al-Burj has not reached the target height as it's still under construction. Recession and economic hungama (avayil) being the reasons, ruler of Dubai decided to stop ‘sheiking’ things for a while! Hence.. from the agenda of the year, he crossed out many to-do-things which he felt is unimportant (..and they became not-to-do-things!!!) Amongst the crossed, happened to be Babu Kuttan’s Al-Burj also!

The crane is still lying there, on the ‘highest position'..!! ..but not Babu Kuttan!!! ;)
“Where is Babu Kuttan??” Ah… nobody knows!

Aroma of Infancy

How often do childhood remembrances draw you back to those moments of joy and pain? Never could I have loved my existence, if I had no childhood in it. To get back to those few instances, you don’t need a day’s thinking!

Today, I ripped the wrapper of Mysore-Sandal soap, to let out the smell of sandal wood all over the house! …rather the fragrance of memories.. of upbringing! It reminds me of home, where mornings of long-ago years are greeted by the scent of sandalwood agarbathi and sandalwood soap! It is a place where I grew up amongst brothers and sisters and uncles and aunts and grand parents. …a place where we laughed, cried, and rejoiced together!!!

Like somebody said, reminiscence is a seductive liar! It removes the patchy edges from the good old days, so that the contentment in recollection is close to perfection!

Her secret is patience!

Nature does not hurry... yet everything is accomplished..!!

(Picture captured at Mekkedattu, 100 kms from B'lore)


..who won million hearts!

Slumdog Millionaire is an appealing and emotive ride that will have you avowing a million reasons to enjoy it.

Oh My God..!! What a movie..!! Life portrayed in the film is so raw, unrefined and crude… yet the jumbled giggle of survival is so apparent! I fell in love with Jamal, Jamal & Jamal – Dev Patel, Tanay Hemant & Ayush Mahesh. I fell in love with A.R. Rahman. I fell in love with Antony Dod, the man behind the lens! …I fell in love with Slumdog Millionaire.. totally!

Like Dannie (ahemm.. not Danny Boyle) said, “What if the world ended day after tomorrow, you’ll never redeem your jaded souls!”. So…, what are you waiting for? Even if you are in the middle of the most important thing in your life, give it a break to watch one of the most fabulous cinemas ever made!

..but there is no lil Jamal, Salim and Lalita in the pic :(


Ek Do Teen…!!

While zapping TV channels lazily, I paused at one of the Hindi news channels. It said Tendulkar got out at “Atavan” runs. I wondered, “Oh My God.. just 19???” Seconds later, in between the news clips, I saw the little master raise his bat at the crowd! “Huh… these days, at multiples of 5, do they do this??” I asked myself. Then on my fingers I started counting, “Ek-do-teen-char-panch… gyarah-barah-terah… hmm.. ah.. chodah-pandrah!!” That’s it! Confidently my number train goes only till 13; Thanks to Maduri Dixit for dancing to the song in ‘Tezaab’.

This 'Atavan' thinge kept distubing me; I couldn’t get my mind off the number table. For some reason I was sure 18 is ‘Atarah’. So logically, ‘Atavan’ should come after ‘Atarah’. Right? Yeah.. I was pretty sure of my conclusion. But.. if so, why did Tendulkar raise his bat?

So, I decided to investigate on google.

I cannot believe – I was wrong! Tendulkar smashed 58 runs!! No wonder he was so excited! I cannot agree with the person who found out these weird (100%) names for numbers. 18 is ‘Atarah’ while 19 is ‘Unnees’. How could, even in the strangest of his dreams he give names like these?? Similarly, 58 is ‘Atavan’ while 59 is ‘Unsad’. "Bizarre, isn’t??!!" Why are people fond of making simple things so complicated?

This was something I disliked the most (from my school days) even in Hindi exams – translate numbers to and fro. ie, 25 to ‘pachees’ and ‘pachees’ to 25!!! Once while distributing answer sheets, our ‘Hindi miss’ just couldn’t help rolling her eyes at my paper. She said, “I think this problem runs in your family. For your brother, 99 is ‘Nau-nau’!!!”. However, I stand by my intelligent & ingenious brother. ‘Nau-nau’ definitely sounds easier and better than ‘Ninyanve’.

"Do you think otherwise???"

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