Aroma of Infancy

How often do childhood remembrances draw you back to those moments of joy and pain? Never could I have loved my existence, if I had no childhood in it. To get back to those few instances, you don’t need a day’s thinking!

Today, I ripped the wrapper of Mysore-Sandal soap, to let out the smell of sandal wood all over the house! …rather the fragrance of memories.. of upbringing! It reminds me of home, where mornings of long-ago years are greeted by the scent of sandalwood agarbathi and sandalwood soap! It is a place where I grew up amongst brothers and sisters and uncles and aunts and grand parents. …a place where we laughed, cried, and rejoiced together!!!

Like somebody said, reminiscence is a seductive liar! It removes the patchy edges from the good old days, so that the contentment in recollection is close to perfection!


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