"Are you a Malayalam?"

I was rushing to the cafeteria this afternoon, while this guy stopped me, probably to update his personal data base.

About this guy: He is the one whom I have been noticing since almost 2 years. He sits next to the ladies’ rest room on my floor and I am not sure if he takes count of the number of times girls pass his aisle! :P Going by his gray strands, I assume he is a fairly senior employee; maybe even a manager. I cannot be wrong cos I see him giving gyan (free advice) to others and often I see e-newspapers open on his monitor. What else do managers have to do?! :P :P I don’t know his name; so let me call him ‘thatha’ (grand-pa).

Thatha: Are you a Malayalam?
Me: Huh?! No…
Thatha: Then, Tamil?
Me: No…
Thatha: Confused.
Me: I am a Malayalee who speaks Malayalam.
Thatha: Isn’t that what I asked?
Me: Nope!  
Thatha: Hahahaa…!!! Burping at my face the daal-chaval what he had for lunch, South Indians are so funny!

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