Sincerely, Your Valentine!

Yet another day of love! Oh… the much awaited Valentine’s Day is here!!

In school, teachers searched our desks to check for love letters and gifts draped in red fancy wrappers. The smartest of the lot got away without being caught! What a victory it was considered to be! In college, the lovers spent the entire day on stone benches, sharing their dreams for a bright and a romantic tomorrow! Girls looked all the more pretty in red salwar kameez and guys – cute in red shirts! Principal chased them away when seen intimately! How harshly the sisters in convent hostel stood against love! Hence a few girls in hostel celebrated the day eating strawberries to their hearts content!

That was a quick recap of my Valentine’s Day memories!

And this time, I ate a heart shaped donut …giving hi-five to all those romantic hearts out there!
Here is wishing all of you a fabulous, peaceful, lovely and an absolutely romantic life ahead!

A note to Sena folks from St. Valentine:


I know; you have been sincerely trying hard to tackle the romantic problems of the nation. Since I am one of your well wishers, I would like to bring a few things to your notice!

I guess you don’t realize that except for idiots like you, nobody appreciates your activities. Majority of the country honestly feel that you guys are a bunch of losers!! By the way, this is something I always wanted to ask you - don’t you have better things in life to do, other than attack girls who harmlessly spend time with their loved ones? Let them drink, let them dance, let them have fun… why the hell are you guys bothered?

After all, the nation suffers from umpteen more serious problems which demands immediate attention. So, this is a humble request from me, a priest who is not resting in peace… please divert your energy, time and interests towards revitalizing your country’s bloody politicians, a.k.a The Shameless Looters!

Wishing you good luck,
St. Valentine 

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