Happy Vishu!

Wishing all a truly fulfilling year ahead! J


What I didn’t do this afternoon!

I was holding it. Trust me; it is not so easy, not a joke. I felt powerless, found it tough to focus, was unable to sit and in some time I went mad. Yet, I was not ready to give up!

Well, the minor disaster was the earth quake that hit many parts of India this afternoon. But, what was the disaster, on top of the disaster?

Well… that was me wanting to potty! Grrr… these uninvited guests; I tell you… they are such pricks!

God… I didn't want to die such awkwardly and give a chance to my naughty friends to celebrate it on facebook and twitter! “Oh; she died while potty-ing!” 

Good Night friends... 
Going to bed hoping to read only delightful stuff in the newspaper tomorrow. 

Just 28 Rupees!

Do you spend more than 28 rupees a day? Really?

Wow... Congratulations!!! You should be proud to be in the elite category of people in India who can afford an easy living! 

Our Sarkar says all you need is just 28 rupees a day - to be content, to not be unhappy, to lead a family, to hang out with friends and to 'hold your head high'! Sarkar cannot be wrong; oh... when has he ever gone wrong in this country?

Watch Agent Vinod in your neighborhood thatched theater sitting in the first row. You have no choice but to hold your head high. Else, how do you see the screen? There are additional rewards too - you can watch more of Kareena Kapoor's zero sized legs and less of her makeup-ed face! And your are a happy man, indeed! See, I told you; our Sarkar cannot go wrong!

Travel in the general compartment of Indian railways. To avoid the stink of your neighbor's sweat, you have to hold your head high! In the 10 centimeters space you have to rest your legs, you try to balance yourself holding your head even higher, calling out God aloud, "Areee Bhagwan... are you not watching me?!" At the same time, you might also think of the Railway God in Bengal. You become a more spiritual person!

You get back home; you have nothing else to do except count stars in the beautiful night sky... obviously holding your head high!!!

Long live our Sarkar
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