Blast the music… Lights on… Let’s party!! We have cute boys in our neighborhood.

It’s been over two months since we chased away the annoying mad couple, who used to be tenants in the house opposite to ours. The worst people on earth to have as neighbors… lovingly, we called them Fatso-Marvadi-Uncle and Bumsy-Aunty. Talk and laugh aloud, they would bang our door… have friends at home, she would scream at us… wear short skirts, he would give a horny stare! And we helpless girls reacted by religiously waking up early every morning to flick their newspapers and milk packets! Anyways, for whatever reasons, one fine day, they packed their bags and bid goodbye to the street making way for these much-awaited cute guys!

Week 1:
Half a dozen pretty girls and neighborhood cute guys were busy impressing each other. How? By establishing that we were disinterested in the other! However, whenever we met at Sankar Annan’s Dosa Kadai, we exchanged gentle smiles.

Week 2:
Caught yaaa! We started spotting next-door eyes staring at our windows. Hmm...guys aren't as smart as girls; they cannot handle anything complicated :p :p 

Week 3:
And, how long can we not react?! We sang to our hearts’ content,
“Peeping through the window, hey darlings…
What will the people say?
If you want to be our friend,
Come through the proper way!”

Week 4:
Nikki, one of my most enthusiastic roommates ran to us screaming,
 “Guess what?! The cutest of the lot is giggling at me. Time to start working on nurturing the relationship. Excuse me; I shall be back soon with more progress.”

Leaning against the balcony, flipping pages of big fat,
 “Assembly Programming and 8086 Microprocessor”, Nikki was fiddling with her Nokia mobile. Yet, all her focus was on Mr.Cutest. Through the corner of her eye, she glimpsed at him.

To her surprise, he asked, “Hello, how are you?”
That was definitely not expected! Softly she replied “Yeah… not bad”
Mr. Cutest,
 “How come you are awake at this time?”
Nikki looked at her watch; it was just 5:30 in the evening! She thought,
 “God...boys on this planet try so hard! She said, “Nothing much...preparing for my exam. Anyways, it is time for a break”. 

“Oh… that is bad. You shouldn’t have done that! Now, you make me feel guilty”
Nikky wondered,
 “Strange! Why the hell is he feeling guilty?” She said, “Come on, you are not at fault. Anyways, I have finished revising a couple of times!”

Revision? Really, Nikki? :D  

 “Wow… it's worth celebrating. Waiting for you to come over; let’s drive to Ooty this weekend. What say, honey?

Eyes popping out, she yelled, “What the fcuk?! What the hell do you think of yourself?”
Mr. Cutest getting up from his chair, “Excuse me, was that at me?”

‘Nikki The Furious’, in a minute became ‘Nikki The Idiot’ when she noticed the blue light flickering on his right ear. 

Nikki to herself,
 “God… this bloody bugger was flirting with some NRI idiot over phone!” She continues at Mr.Cutest, “Hey nothing; just Microprocessor lessons... was reading out from my textbook. Sorry, if it was a little loud.”

With absolutely no emotions, he got back to the person at the other end.

Nikki came to us with the verdict,
 “What a terrible guy yaar, not our kind. I give up; not interested!”


Haree said...

I hope to see more updates soon! :-)

Swaram said...

ROFL .. that ws classic! Poor Nikky ;) Did she settle for the cuter one :P

g2 said...

What kind of a strategy is "okay, I like him, so I am going to ignore him"???

and why do girls always do that!!!

Nona said...

:) That is lousy thing about the handsfree devices!

So, it is a case of "sour grapes" for Nikky?

$$ said...

@ Haree - The update is - ...and Nikky lived happily ever after! :P

@ Swaram - She is getting married later this year to "The Cute" :)

@ g2 - Excuse me... if I am to write abt boys and their mannerisms, it will go from pages to pages!!! :P :P

@ Nona - yes, the grapes were indeed sour for Nikky! Poor soul!

NITHIN said...

hahaha..tats a good one...hope you wont mind if I copy n paste n create a wonderful 'creation' 10 yrs later n grab a booker the following year..I will include your name in the 'Dedicated To' list :P:P

NITHIN said...

And why do chicks always have it inside their 'heads' tat guys are trying to hv their attention...haha swthrts..this is not 1990s....:):)

Nacha said...

short stories eh? Great stuff! Keep them coming shalini! :)

Anonymous said...

What a laugh I had shalini... you are just too good at writing humor stuff... but we want more!!!!


$$ said...

@ NITHIN - Thank U :)
No problem; permission granted! :) ...n looking forward to your creation! :P

...n on your comment on whats running through girls' head - athe, mashe... do u think i will have the guts to write on what u guys think?! huh??? ;) ;)

Nacha - Thanks! :) Lazy bum... update ur blog!

@ Preeth - Thank You! ...n will try to post more often.

Vidya said...

lol.....that was a cute story....

Sigma said...

Ha ha am caught in the midst of nasty stares from the people sitting around me in ofc.. that was hilarious... and by any chance do I know this 'Nikky'???

lostworld said...

WoW.. I simply love 'real' life love stories!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

hmm haaa...i liked that....

I'm damn sure that guy played prank on 'poor innocent' nikki :D
like "veenadthu kidnnu uruluka :)

Haddock said...

Good one
Keep posting

$$ said...

@ Vidya - Danks Chechi :)

@ Sigma - Nope, u don't know her cos such a person don't exist! :P

@ lostworld - yes yes... really real! :)

@ anishthomas - that is also a fair interpretation! :)

@ Haddock - Thank You! :)

Rohan said...

Good one!!! Heights of technology!!! ;-)

priya said...

Just an awesome piece...Congrats for your humor sense..Really I have come across so many such scenarios especially Impressing dramas...Just went back to those good olden days...Kidooosss...

D.Nambiar said...

That was a fun one!!

$$ said...

@ Rohan - Thanks Rohan. Yes, indeed heights! :)

@ priya - Thank U! :) :)

@ D.Nambiar - Thanks Chech! ...n lazy goose, why do i not see any updates on ur blog?!

Prateek Sur said...

the story is so so hilarious i cant tell ya..i'm literally rofl..jst feel like cursing the 8086 microprocessor bcoz i jst now came from my exam hall and its brother 8085 microprocessor was there in the question ppr and i was not able to answer it..!!poor me....i hate them both..!!thanks to ur story am back on my happy glee mood..

Tan said...

Hehe.... really funny indeed.... :D.... :D

$$ said...

@ Prateek - 8086's brother - 8085.. hehe! that is awesome! lol...! Exams will come again, they should be the last thing about which u should be worried! :P
p.s - advising is the easiest thing to do; now especially when i don't have any mandatory exams to write and pass! :) :)

@ Tan - Thanks Tan! :)

Bullshee said...

HAHAHAHA!!! Hilarious!

P.s- are there any vacant houses opposite half a dozen beautiful girls?!! :D

Guruprasad said...

hey, this is my first time here! and it was fun! :)
(you're staying with some room-mates and studying for some exam??? i'm a little confused... i will write you a mail separately!)

_theoutsider said...

hi hey :-) thanks for the visit and the comment :-) nice work with the template aspire :D

Avada Kedavra said...

hahaha :)) that was too funny!

$$ said...

@ Bullshee - 5 beautiful girls have moved out; not sure who has replaced them! :P :P

@ Guruprasad - Thanks Guru. It is an old story... student years are over long time back! The blog post was just a recollection! :)

@ the outsider - Yeah, i like this template

@ Avada Kedavra - :)

et said...

THAT simply happens all the time. Wel, most of the time. ;)

Destiny's child said...

Totally rofl....my heart goes out to our dear nikky madam...seriously that was funny, and how! :D

Guruprasad said...

ah! that explains it!
i was wondering if i was writing to some other shalini!!!

so was your hubby one of the guys in that house? :P

$$ said...

@ et - yeah.. it does! :)

@ Destiny's child - poor poor nikky indeed! :P

@ Guru - hehhe, i didn't even know him then! :)

Bikramjit said...

WEEK 5 has started.. WHATS UP...

:( ah well i read your replies now ..

anyway Hope to hear some more its-bits on what went on ... Did any of guys ACtually manage to be friends with the other side or did this go on all the time :)

Indian Pundit said...

Hey $$

Cute guys in the neighborhood......hmmmm

Just curious......was it really Nikki? or was it you ?


Lovely blog.

Anonymous said...

ROFL!!! Don't you just hate those bluetooth totting geniuses?? :)

PS: Nice blog. And you have a funny bone. Thanks for stopping by mine! :)

Shiva said...

LOL!!! Poor guy, when I thought he went a little too far, it was the girl who went a little too far!!! Good one shalini, as always :) :)

$$ said...

@ Bikramjit - Week, week 5 - girls and the boys lived happily ever after as total strangers... :P

@ Indian Pundit - Thanks for stopping by... And FYI - Nikki is never me! :P

@ Choco - Thanks to u too!!! :)

@ Shiva - Danks a don! :)

Jean said...

:D :D
Regards to Nikki!

And thanks for coming over to my blog and posting your thoughts.

KParthasarathi said...

That was a good twist at the end.Liked the racy style

$$ said...

@ Jean & Parthasarathi - Thanks & welcome to my blog! :)

Aparna said...

kure aayi njan evde vannitu,thamashakariyude blog miss chythutoo..:) was on vaccation,then b'cme lazy too..h r u doing

Sorcerer said...


Really AWesome..

the way you said it...was so hilarious

Anonymous said...

ROFL - "just Microprocessor lessons". you very well know how to tickle our laughter bones!

First time to this blog... now I regret why I didn't visit this space earlier! :)

- Keerthi

$$ said...

@ Aparna - Lovely to have u back! :)

@ Sorcerer - Thanks a ton! :)

@ Keerthi - Welcome...!!!

Deepak said...

What a pity! I never got half a dozen cute girls across my apt while I was in Bangalore.

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