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“Switz is fun! Guys...what are you waiting for? Just come over!”, one of my friends updated her Facebook status. How I wish...if visiting Switz was as easy as hopping onto a BMTC bus from Marthahalli to Domlur. The same lady is friends with 1248 people. Did I even speak to more than thousand different people in my entire life ever? Forget adding them to my social network!

Talking more about status messages - they are hilarious. At times, I laugh out, else I think, “Silly idiot…should give this fellow one tight slap!” Otherwise, it leaves me thinking – like a few listed below.

My dear friends, sorry… I had to steal it from you!

Cannila Dorreya My baby is finally here!! The korangan gets its poomala!! My first SLR!!

Guys, FYI – somebody has drilled a hole in her pocket buying the latest DSLR. Looking forward to madam’s out-of-the-world pictures; now that the expectation is set, you cannot disappoint us. Anyways, I love the monkey and garland usage; visualizing Cani having the camera around her neck.

Kapish Mahadevan When I saw you, I was afraid to meet you.. When I met you, I was afraid to kiss you.. When I kissed you, I was afraid to love you. Now that I love you, I am afraid to lose you..

Kapish’s spinster friends, he's not going to propose any of you; this guy has already fallen in love. According to his update, I'm pretty sure his feelings for the girl are intense :p

Jeenu Togi Got a late birthday gift! How I love gifts and surprises. Thank you so much! :)

Jeenu's friends, have you wished her on phone or at least sent a scrap or wrote on her wall? Anyways, looks like none of them have excited her. Like this Mr.Late, you should have also gifted her something special worth mentioning on FB.

Again, Jeenu Togi Teacher: What is ‘Romancham’? Tintu-mon: Romancham is a particular kulirarity in which all romams dancodu dance!!

Join the club, I am also a big Tintu-mon fan. Non-mallus…sorry; you will not understand.

Reena Naila has one leg in her cube and the other in her grave...Why is all work coming to me? I am only human and not super-human!
Reena’s manager – That is intended at you; please don’t give her any more work…can’t you see her multitasking?! :)

Anuse Jehmed Bright summer's day. skimpy clad gals. more football. no more trench coats. bikinis at Hyde Park! congested tubes. bright tees. even more bikinis. no more day light saving. longer days. extra cleavages! U gotta love summer!!
Now you know what Anuse is looking forward to! But dear, is summer actually as exciting as you made it sound like?

Castin Berry joined the group ‘DHONI SUCKS’.
The same guy’s update when Chennai won the IPL, “Way to go Mahi; you are India’s smartest captain
In just less than a month, our poor Dhoni is make to suck. That's unfair...

Randy Sahul is absolutely sad :(

Somebody please attend this attention seeker!

Minu Shol We don't love qualities, we love persons; sometimes by reason of their defects as well as of their qualities. 
I think she meant something like “Om Shanti Shanti Shanti hi!” :P

And if you are wondering what my status message is, well…I am also going to show off, publishing the link to this blog post on Facebook.

This will be fun, please copy-paste your facebook, twitter, orkut or gmail status in the comment box; let us have a laugh!


Jayesh George said...

Ha Ha !!

Hi Tittumon fan, as usual hilarious :):) Next time i put a status on my FB, I will give it a tought.

Aparna said...

omg shalni, tintumone kondu thottu..gud1..many peopl put love,life,marriage quotes as status in fb, google ullondu onninum eppo kshamamilla..:)

Shij said...

Grrr.. x-(

Swaram said...

Cn I c what u put up on FB pls :P :P
Must nt be difficult for u to look for me no ;)

U want to know my status .. here u go ;)

Made BisiBeleBath and Besan Ladoo for a group of 50 ... Potluck today ;)
Hope it hs turned out decently .. pray for me plsss :P

See, this is hw I get labelled a gud cook .. my dear friends pray for me ;)

Nona said...

How many hits did you get after putting this as your FB status?

$$ said...

@ Jayesh George - yes, u better! :P

@ Aparna - yes yes, avane kondu thottu thoppi ittu! :)

@ Shij - I didn't get u :P :P

@ Swaram - hehehe, virtually, showing off ur culinary skills, huh?! ;) However, I am praying for u! :)

@ Nona - I am not keeping a tab on the hits; however got a couple of emails from friends; !@#$%^&*()_ being the content! ;) ;)

Swaram said...

LOL ... smart ;) ;)

blunt edges said...

now isn't that a cool idea 4 a post...flick all your friends' FB statuses n post it...i might try it too ;)

n tintumon rocks! \m/

LOL @ The korangan gets its poomala

my FB status:
is proud to declare, "I make the best maggie ever!" :D

Vidya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vidya said...

i changed my status in FB as soon as i read ur blog!!!! lol
Just check what is up there now!!!!

Anyways, my status in another forum was...."The best thing one can do when it's raining is to let it rain........"
as if we can do something to stop it!!!

Anonymous said...

“Om Shanti Shanti Shanti hi!”
tat is what i loved the most! :)

hats off top ur humor sense...


Haddock said...

And people are copying them and sending it to Reader's Digest and making money.
How do you like that ?

Shiva said...

" if visiting Switz was as easy as hopping onto a BMTC bus from Marthahalli to Domlur! " - :) :)As usual, shalini, spot on with humor!

Facebook is strange, giving a peep into people's lives with their permission. Sometimes when people don't think hard about who might read, it leads to some real fun and a little embarrassment :)

$$ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sigma said...

Darling here goes my FB status : 'How I wish Wednesday and Thursday would get over in lightning speed' and orkut ' Missing Tani :-|' lol

Sigma said...

and yeah dint u get Shij??? well you his FB status has been put up in ur blog.. so that reaction was obvious ;-)

Anonymous said...

Am a Tintumon Fan now!!!! I am smiling everyday :) did not know Tintumon until now :)................. keep blogging gurl!


Anonymous said...

Am a Tintumon fan now! Smiling everyday (his pranks).......U r too good gurl!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Awesome girl...


well, my status says, "inky pinky ponky... my bloody **** is a donkey!"

Haree said...

newnHaree Back to #Twitter after a short break. Some things changed in my life: http://bit.ly/hd-mm-news
4:13 PM May 18th via web

$$ said...

@ Swaram - :P

@ blunt edges aka 'the maggi maker' - looking forward to ur version! :)

@ Vidya - Chech, thanks a ton for that upgraded status! :P And yeah.. the one pasted here is as well hilarious! :)

@ Preeth - Thank You :)

@ Haddock - Oooo.. that s the heights!

@ Shiva - Thanks! :) ...n u take on FB is so true; bang on!!!

$$ said...

@ Sigma - yeah; i too wish Thursday and Friday get dissolved! :)
...n Shij has a reason to get annoyed!

@ G3 - Indeed Tintu mon (universally) rocks!!!

@ keerti - thanks!:) that is one heck of a status! :P

@ haree - welcome back to twitter and glad at ur change in life; believe it will be for ur best :)

lostworld said...

I rarely login to fb. I am too lazy. The best I've seen recently is 'am going to get married soon' ;-p I had a mental picture of a guy in wedding attire hurriedly logging on to fb, updating the status & then rushing to tie the mangalsutra !!!!

Pan said...

Support savagely tintumon and pity all non mallus who will have to start learning malayalam to understand him in proper context ! strong support for kenuse ahmed too. if you've lived near big ben for some years sucking up the grey skies and gloom, summer is like a godsend , bikinis and cleavages included !

angel in disguise.... said...

funny post..loved reading it..especially the attention seeker one...!:)
first time here..n i have to say...had a gr8 time..
nice blog!:)

Anonymous said...

Ohk. I am a Mallu who has no clue who or what Titu- mon is! :|

"korangan gets its poomala" -ROFL :))
(I understood that one cause you translated. ty for that):D

Neat idea for a blog post this! :)

Rohan said...

These are some of the sweet status updates of a friend!! She apparently likes her bf very much!!!! And we all know it!!
"He gave me the first chocolate today!!"
"*************** miss uuu!!!!"
(thou her bf's name is short she has a long nick name for him!!)
"Alapuzhayill eppazha current varrunne???"
(His status at the time was "Alapuzhayill current illa!!")

And the one of the good ones is
"Facebook is the "Only book" I jus love reading every nw nd then,lol;-)"

And I seriously feel you should dedicate an entire post to Tintumon!!! Hes worth it!!

$$ said...

@ lostworld - from a friend, i came to know abt this guy who updated his FB status, "Bye honey... i will miss u a lot. how much a loved u".
And ask me when u posted this - little later after his wife was dead!!! now u know the level of addiction!

@ Pan - yes yes, i pity all non mallus! :P

@ angel in disguise - Welcome to my blog; and thanks a lot for ur comments! :)

@ Choco - Thank You :) ...n to know Tintu Mon, u ought to know to read malayalam!

@ Rohan - ROFL, sharikkum.. "electricity in alappuzha" is truly hilarious... than all the status i have in my post! :)

The Holy Lama said...

some compilation. you made ppl double cautious on FB

Anil P said...

Maybe there's a book somewhere in this - Memorable FB Messages or some such. :-)

Chandu said...

Good one. Satus messages serve the purpose of mini blog with a common question - What's going on?

$$ said...

@ The Holy Lama - Though that was not my intension! :)

@ Anil P - like archies.. even this is something worth a laughter! so, yes.. u can expect it soon!

@ Chandu - Thanks! ..n i agree with u.

Anonymous said...

“Switz is fun! Guys… what are you waiting for? Come over!” - Like th humor

Anonymous said...

Hey $$,

Time for next post! we readers are waiting, waiting... and waiting!


$$ said...

@ Sam a.k.a Anonymous :P - Thank You! :)

@ Preeth - That was a cute and very motivating comment. However, i sprained my neck; doc has advised not to spend too many hours on the comp. So, i use comp only for professional reasons these days! :)

Bikramjit Singh Mann said...

UK is also Fun .. What you waiting for COME OVER ... :) he he he and i dont have 1248 friends ... and just a handful here in uk so no worries he he he he

and messages well my last one was "COlor of skin matters " he hehe I guess i was pised at something here ... so will make sure to think and then write the next one :)

like the article made me smile

Shij said...

Shalini - this blog of urs is turning out to be a super hit!! Comments are just flowing in like anytng... hehe
Will you host a party once it hits 50 count... :P LOLz!!
nyways... keep rocking!!! ;)

MissAnnThrope said...

thendy patti had to put me up here as well huh? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha crazy woman...i'm so going to kick your ass.

$$ said...

@ Bikramjit Singh Mann – Hehehe, so I don’t think u belong to the category which I have mentioned. And I’m indeeeeeed glad to know that the post made u smile! :)

@ Shij – Ningalude comments illathe enikkenthu aaghosham?! In fact, comments are my motivation to post more!

@ Dann – I so very love u darling! :P

Deepak said...

Sivaneeey! (New style of saying OMG)
I was so late to read this post...

Was literally LOLM.. Laughing Out Like Mad

I usually brag about my own jokes in FB.. Latest one

Friend: I will kill anyone who mentions "Twilight" in the same sentence as "Harry Potter".
Me: Dude.. you just did that yourself. Now go kill yourself.

Angel said...

hi, nice posts, keep rocking!!!!

G said...

beat this .. a girl in my friend list had this status some days back .. "my dog does not like omlette..!! now thats a big news !!!!! off to sleep !! been so long i miss my bed !!!!!!! " ( not to ignore the overuse of exclamations) made me feel like bang my head against my laptop..

A Simple Pendulum said...

Shalineeeeeeeeeeeeee! ശാലിനിയെ കൊണ്ട് ഞാൻ തോറ്റു! Good that I got rid of my personal FB profile. ;)

Feeling so good to see so many readers for you. :) Not at all surprised. :)

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