Laddu weds Insulin!

My trip to the US of A is at last confirmed. Oh, how impatient I’m now – to indulge in all those activities which I love and are not possible in India. Lovely and happening days ahead – I am pretty sure of that! J

I collected my tickets from the travel desk and as I walked back to my cube, I tried to recollect the list of things I am asked to carry for my friends and relatives there.

All what I can think of now are – Sambar powder from Swamy’s for Jaggy, Kuchippudi costumes for Sacramento cousin, Thirupati Balaji’s photo frame and Meera-Bhajans CD for the newly-wed friend, collection of Kalikkudukka for Shalu babe, insulin shots for uncle in Chicago … The list only would get longer!   

That is when I was told by somebody that the insulin shots will not be allowed to lounge in the flight unless the person travelling has some related health issue. Oh no… me, a total chocolate and gulab-jamun lover never want to lie to anybody that my blood is diabetically polluted. What if Sugar-God then says, “Tha-thaa-sthu” and it happens?! Sure; I don’t even want to take a chance! However, thinking of my Uncle who is being denied every sweet and also not-so-sweet thing in the world I feel, I definitely should help him in some way! 

I rang this uncle’s son to brainstorm and find a solution.

RaPi: Hello… do u realize it is 2:30 in the morning here?
Me: But it is a lovely evening here!:P
RaPi:  Now, what do you want?
Apparently, I should go diabetic if I am to carry those insulin shots in the flight. And I am not, touch-wood! So, what do we do?
Simple… even if they ask, don’t tell them you have them in your bag.
No… I don’t think I am in favor of lying to the officers!
Oh, sorry… I forgot that your dad’s name is ‘Sir. Harishchandra’!
Come on… let us discuss!
Indeed; at 2:30 in the middle of my sleep, I am getting too creative to give you ideas. Hmm… alright, do one thing!
Get a box of laddu from Anandabhavan and squeeze the insulin babies in between. They will have fun together in the box.
What? Have you gone bonkers?
I think it is a fabulous idea; if the officer asks you, you may tell the truth – that they are delicious laddus inside. If at all they open the box to confirm, you still have not lied cos they are actually there! 
Me: Then, what about the insulin? Should I tell him that this is how laddus in India lay eggs?
Prevention is better than cure; so wise Indians inject insulin into the laddus before consuming! Wow... this is brilliant!
Me: Bad idea…
RaPi: Alright… you want to make it believable, right? Then, here you go… tell him that you are amnesia-struck big time that you have no idea about what those insulin bottles are doing with the laddus! I know you are quite a drama-queen and will surely do a good job!
Me: Not knowing how to react, I kept quiet.
Now, please don’t disturb me; I shall call you tomorrow when it is 3 in the morning in India.
Good Night… Bye.

I hung the call and I am still trying to recall all the advice, ideas and points shared with me …while the phone rang again.

Instead of laddus, get a jumbo box of kaju-katli – the spherical ones with silver foil over it… I like them better. And please come soon; I just cannot wait - not for you, but for the kaju-katlis :P
huh?! :x :x

TGIF! Have a great weekend, folksJ


Fun at funeral

It was for the first time in my life I was going to attend a celebrity’s funeral. I cannot deny the fact that I was actually curious to observe the visitors out there and their expressions! Will it not be interesting to watch people whom we usually see singing and dancing around the trees on-screen perform in such a situation?! I was just wondering if their tears would turn smiles once the media camera is off their faces! …or to keep the drama alive, will they continue to weep at the coffin? However, I am not bringing everybody under the same umbrella as I know there could be genuine folks too!
I was amused to see the crowd who had come to attend the funeral. This includes not only curious people like me, but also his relatives, friends, journalists, neighbors, perhaps his professional and personal rivals too!!  

Of all, the person who caught my attention was this guy with Raj Kapoor kind of moustache and Amrish Puri kind of side burns! I checked his feet… no; he doesn’t have Jithendra kind of shoes! :P I guess this highly energetic person has voluntarily taken over the whole show – he was involved in a lot of activities like running around, interacting with guests, in between weeping, consoling the ladies, coordinating the rituals and what not?! Where ever I take my eyes, I could see him so busy!

Now, it was time to take the departed soul’s body to the burial ground. Except the whimper, there was absolute silence! I could feel sadness in the air; a total feeling of loss and helplessness! But, in the next minute, what we heard was an unexpected blast - “Daddy Mummy Veettil Illa….!!” Huh?! Identified the culprit - It was our Raj Kapoor’s phone ringing in maximum volume! And what was he doing now? Poor guy was holding one end of the departed soul with both his hands while his phone was partying from his waist belt pocket! He gave all of us an embarrassed look not knowing what to do! Trying hard to hold back my laughter, I looked around to realize that most of them were going through the same emotions! I am sure even the celebrity inside the coffin would have had a chuckle! What a way to say the last good bye! J

Moral of the story – Laughter is the most effective instant vaccination!

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