Room no 69, St Philomena’s College

"Joseph, how are you here?" I asked disbelievingly. It was a pleasant surprise to see my classmate in college at my new office. At least one familiar face; I thanked God for bumping into him. This guy, unlike me, used to be a first bencher! So definitely he was in the good books of most teachers.

Let me share this incident that happened when I was in the final year of my graduation. To me, Room no 69 was not an interesting place during class hours. Simply because it was my classroom. Even now I cannot believe that I had the patience to sit through hours of Math classes.

One afternoon, when the teacher found the entire class restless, she gave this million-dollar offer, “I will be glad to teach only those who are really interested. Others may step out and need not worry about attendance.” I just couldn’t believe my ears and was thrilled. I even decided that I’m going to have a gulab jamun from the college canteen after leaving the class. I chuckled to myself and immediately closed my book, got up and walked out of the row of benches. I expected girls sitting behind me and many boys do the same. But it was a shock to know that nobody else made use of the offer, not even the brats among boys.

I couldn’t make up my mind – whether to get back to my seat, open my book and pretend as if I’m solving math problems or to just get out! However, the teacher showed me the way towards the door before I could decide. How embarrassing!

I walked out all alone with guilt and shame, cursing my friends who ditched me. As soon as I reached the canteen, I took a deep breadth and shouted, “Santosh Etta, oru gulab jamun poratte”!!!


anoop said...

during my college days I did something similar - I put a bet with my friends that I would walk out of the class without getting permission from the professor, and I did. But, later I chickened and re-entered the class, after washing face, it came as a shock to me that the prof was unaware of my discourteous exit. As I came in I lied that I was not feeling well so I had walked out, the entire class burst out laughing, the prof started advising the class that what I did was right.
stupid I was!

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