Encounter With “Angry Tom”

Throughout the day, I have been goofing up things! Yeah.., I did my prayers before the day woke me up; but I guess Mr. God had gone for his cup of coffee while I said Good Morning!

First thing, I locked Vijay in the house while I stepped out. Wonder how I forgot that he was still sleeping inside. Poor thing; he had no choice but to bother our neighbor to get out of the house.

After reaching office, I realized that I left my notepad at home. …n I would be limbless without it because the entire day’s work schedule was jotted down in that book. I mocked myself for not using outlook wisely. Anyways, I’m lucky that I stay close by. I troubled my colleague friend for a pick and drop! Other wise, my bad temper would have compelled me to curse all the careless BMTC bus drivers and tricky auto wallas on road. Not to forget the great planners of Bangalore, for raising fly-overs with signals and incomplete pillars and alien structures all across the city.

However, I was trapped in the most embarrassing situation later in the evening. After work, we were in one of the shopping malls as I was in no mood to enter the lab (kitchen) and carry out culinary experiments for dinner. So, the best option was the nearest food court and for desert, window shopping!

We were in eZone to check out if the price of our dream Plasma TV has come down! Very seriously, we enquired about picture quality in pixels, price comparison with all brands, offers, discounts, etc..!! Hee… The guy doesn’t know that we were doing the same thing for the nth no of time! Seeing our enthusiasm, he would have felt that we would pick the TV the very same day…!! After a while I got bored and I diverted my attention to other products – from mobile phones to music systems to even hair driers!

That is when I observed this person; not because he was a handsome hunk; but because he wore a peppy blue colored T-shirt. I told myself, “What an amazing color for a guy to choose to wear! Even pink would suit him well”. I also observed fancy buttons on his shirt, which made me wonder if he borrowed it from his mother or sister. “Not a bad joke”, I laughed and told myself! Swear, I’m not being cynical. I’m sure you would take it in the right spirit! :-)

Hey… Now this guy smiled at me. “Shit..!” I murmured. It was so mean of me to make fun of a colleague. I walked up to him to say a “Hi” and in the process introduce myself. “Hello”, I said with the best of my smiles. To initiate a conversation, I asked,
“Are you here for window shopping like me, or have u picked anything?”
“NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!” he replied.

“Are you not an SRITian?” I tried hard to make sure that the pleasing smile was still pasted flat on my face.

A big fat “NO”, he yelled, rolling his eyes at poor me!

I looked around to make sure that Vijay is not watching me drown in the soup!

“Okie, Bye.. Oh, By the way.. I'm Sorry, Take Care, Good night” I said and escaped before he could open his mouth.

Like Jerry does to Tom, I felt like punching his nose until it blew up to a size of a balloon. Also, I wanted to tie both his hands and legs to a dining table and tickle him with a crow’s feather. Why the hell did I feel that he smiled at me? I doubt if he did that ever in his life. And why the hell did I feel that he sits in the next bay in office? Oh God…! Not at all my day!

“Enough of roaming around!” I told Vijay. “Let’s push off home soon and hit the bed before I come across the next disaster".

I went to bed reminding Mr. God to teach Mr. Tom how to smile. Also, I filed a complaint, “Grrr... so rude of you. Okiee.. , I made fun of him. But it was just between you and me. Yet, u locked me in such a thwarting affair”.

“Hahahaa….” Huh?? Did I hear him giggle at me?

It was Vijay speaking to his friend on the phone.


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