“Oh… I didn’t know; You got married…!”

Have you ever experienced this, a random person who hardly knows you, even after realizing you are least interested in striking a conversation with him bombards you with questions and exclamations?
My friend and I were browsing on her computer while this guy pinged her. In fact, he let open a hurricane of laughter and fun :)

AB: Oh My God… Stigs online? Such a long time. Hello… Hi…
Stig: Didn't I block this guy on G.Chat? Hi… 
AB: I cannot tell u how happy I am seeing u online. Where r u now?
StigWhy is he so excited seeing me online? I don't even remember his face properly. I am in Chennai.
AB: Why in Chennai? Thought u were in Hyderabad.  
Stig: I might even be in Bermuda Triangle. Why should I tell him why I am in Chennai?! Just like that. After my wedding, shifted to Chennai, u see family conveniences.
AB: Oh My God… Really? How come you forgot to invite me for your wedding? Not to worry; next time when I come to Chennai, we can spend a weekend together. What is your husband doing?
Stig: Did I invite you now? He is taking bath after oil massage.
AB: Hahhahhahaa…
Stig: Why? Is oil massage so funny?
AB: I meant, where he works.
Stig: He is India Head for Deloitte Touche.
AB: Wow… Impressive! Arranged marriage?
Stig: Arranged love marriage.
AB: Getting interesting. How did it happen?
Stig: Getting interesting for me too! He was sitting next to me in the movie hall when I watched Tare Zameen Par. Seeing me cry when the boy was left in boarding school, he realized I am a very sympathetic and empathetic girl. We fell in love instantly and got married soon.
AB: How romantic. How I wish I too find a girl like u – sympathetic & empathetic! Where are you working?
Stig: I've taken a break from work.
AB: I cannot believe; a girl like u – gave up work?
Stig: In fact I love being a house wife.
AB: Oh nice. Time pass? TV?
Stig: Naah I cook! When my husband's parents visit us, it is all the more fun. My parents-in-law are very fun loving.
AB: oh ok.. That's good. When I get married, even I will ask my parents to be fun lovers.
Stig: My mother-in-law and I are more like friends. We go out shopping and all. My father- in-law is also a super cool guy.
AB: What a life dear!!! I am so J! Are they in Chennai?
Stig: They come over. They are basically from Koilandy.
AB: Oh, is it?  Wat abt ur husband?
Stig: He is working out of US actually. He is supposed to visit at least 5 continents every month. So, is kinda busy. You see, being India head is not an easy job.
AB: Ya, sad… Poor thing! I understand. Then why Chennai?
Stig: We were in New Zealand for almost 6 months. I was missing summer and the sun; hence decided to stay in Chennai for a change, till I get bored of the heat and sweat here.
AB: Oh… even I am getting bored of Bangalore. Where do I go? Any suggestions?
Stig: Please, somebody kill him!!! Why don’t you relocate to Jharkhand? Heard it is a nice place. Dhoni is from there right?
AB: hmmm. What…
Stig: Hey, I was in the middle of making almond cake in rum base for my father-in-law. Lemme continue. Bye for now.
AB: Lucky father-in-law. Wish even my dad gets a daughter-in-law like you.  
Stig: All the best.
AB: Enjoyed chatting with u. Like always very inspiring. 
Stig: Yeah, same here! Bye.
AB: Bye my lovely buddy.
Stig: Poda!

After sending him away, we switched over to Kerala Matrimony site to see if there are any nice guys out there to actually get married to! :p

P.S: Stig has been my partner in crime, since childhood.


Shiva said...

"Seeing me cry when the boy was left in boarding school, he realized I am a very innocent, sympathetic and empathetic girl." -- :) :) :)

Disclaimer – An over dose of Garam Masala added to the below conversation. - Very good masala :)

Suree said...


oh my god... lol max...

Destiny's child... said...

Lol...I know...some people just bug the hell out of you! And I loved the oh-so-romantic thing about falling in love during the screening of TZp...sympathetic and empathetic :D

Too good!

Meethi said...

Well... I must admit.. ur masala's were far more interesting than the conversation I had with that bugger :P

Sid said...

hey this is my first visit 2 ur blog and it was entertaining... the best line for me was this 1 "When I get married, even I will ask my parents to be fun lovers"... superb :D

Aishwarya V said...

ROTFL! Hilarious! The flavour of masala was coming right through :) MDH huh!

Shalini Surendran said...

@ Shiva - I realized garam masala is the best of all masalas! :)

@ Suree - Thanks to AB; he made all of us laugh! Laughter is the best medicine, after all! :)
...n I wonder if Mr. AB is aware of a bunch of us laughing at poor him!

@ Destiny's child - Thank You! :)

@ Meethi - U r the champion, darling!

@ Sid - Welcome to my mind's diminutive corner and Thanks!

@ Aiswarya - Thanks Girl.. :)

Anonymous said...

Humour at its peak! Hilarious.. what a blog post!! Sigma - a total partner in crime :)


Anonymous said...

When I get married, even I will ask my parents to be fun lovers.
LMAOF ....... chance less...this guy is unbeatable .

shruthi said...



Shalini Surendran said...

@ Preeth - Thanks! :)

@ anishthomas - Thanks! .. n yeah.. some guys are just unbeatable!

@ shruthi - Thank You!

Bullshee said...

Aiyo, I think this AB chappie was a paavam acquaintance, who got the full blow of Stig's wrath.

I feel sorry for him, more than Sigma's imaginary intercontinental, India Head husband...

Pyari K said...

I loved that!!!!!!!!

Shalini Surendran said...

@ Bullshee - yeah yeah, I know guys will feel bad & paavam for AB and not Stigs! ;)

@ Pyari - Thanks! So, r u the same Pyari? Do u recognize "Hari Om"? You see the code word... ;) ;)

ദൈവം said...

You truly deserve more than just an apple :)

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. that was funny :))) I have met some people too. Falling in love watching TZP was too much :)))

Anonymous said...

such* people (typo)

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