Columbus: Single but not ready to mingle!

Was Columbus married? 

Definitely not!

If he wasn’t a bachelor, like a dart board, he would have had to face these arrows in the form of questions!

-          Hey, where are you going?
-          With whom are you going?
-          Why exactly are you going?
-          On your way back can u get a packet of dosa batter?
-          When you are away, will I not get bored?
-          Okay then… Shall I also join you?
-          By the way, when will you be back? By bus or train?
-          What about dinner? Should I cook at home?
-          I want surprise gifts from where-ever!

And finally poor Columbus, “Bloody hell… I am not stepping out of the house. Enough? Happy?!”

(Disclaimer – Originally, an email forward in Malayalam)


Anonymous said...

and I have to tell you, you mallus are creative explosives!
Thanks for the translation.


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