Big-B’s Mantra to celebrate life!

I have a Big-B, a new found Big-B. Big-B is one of the most bubbly, coolest, liveliest and energetic guys I have ever come across in life. Oh… he is one heck of a perky guy! 24X7 laugher and fun guaranteed if you are in his company; anybody would love to have a person like him around!

This is Big B’s password to celebrate life,
“All you have is just one life; so give no room for worries, make it a celebration worth remembering tomorrow, day after …and after and always!”

My New Year wish to all my friends is just the same. Look forward to only the brighter side of life -

12 months of cheerfulness,
52 weeks of fun,
365 days success,
8,760 hours good health,
52,600 minutes good luck,
31,53,600 seconds of joy

A Very Happy New Year, folks!

Now, who is Big-B?
I can only give you cla-cla cli-cli clu-clues ;)

- Big-B a.k.a Big Brother lives in the US; phir bhi uska dil hai Malayalee!
- Married to a gorgeous and totally adorable lady from Karunagapally
- Cute and naughty is their son. 
- If not a manager in a reputed telecom company, he would have become a chef at either a star hotel or at Nair's-tea-kada
- A lola-hridayan (tender at heart).
- Weakness no. 1 - Food, 2 - Family, 3 - Friends.
- Big B had once taken his car for oil change; but came back home driving a new car – upgraded version of the old one!

Says it all; at least to people who know him…! Any guesses?!


Shiva said...

Excellent new year wish and a very happy new year!! :)

Anonymous said...

True, one heck of a Big B. By the way, which was the car which he brought home?


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