Flashback - Summing up 2009

I was trying to recall all the innovation and drama that happened at work; intension being truly professional. That is when I thought… why not I personalize the idea? The year treated me pretty well, so it totally deserves to be thought about and archived!  


It wasn’t extra ordinarily exciting, yet has been fair to me; except when my grand dad passed away. But since I believe all nice people finally land up in heaven, I feel happy for him. Apart from that, wedding bells rang “ding ding ding”; I fulfilled my long term wish of visiting North India and the most wonderful of all – to conclude the year, in 3 days 3 newcomers arrived in the family!

So, now lemme try to break up the highlights quarter by quarter! Yeah, after all I have become a total Bangalore MNC product!!

Quarter 1:

This is how I began the year. I prayed for Obama and all the industries across the globe to beat slowdown and emerge champions. Not that I care a damn for dollar depreciation or collapsing stock market and IT industry! I discovered the correlation - until they prosper, I am not going to find the right job that would cheer me up. That is when like an angel, Madam G (she truly is!) informed me about a position at Intel. “Wow…!” I sum up all the enthusiasm I went through in the 3-letter word! My stars and luck favored, I became a part of the company. Life came back to sq 1 – No more I was cranky at home, no more I cooked breakfast and lunch, no more I was bored and no more I watched ‘desperate housewives’!

Before I joined, I visited my parents in Dubai. Oh… it was lovely to be Pappa’s and Mommy’s pet and laze around in the house being 100% irresponsible. In Dubai, I also spent time with my most adorable sister!

Quarter 2:

Bad start – My neighbors, one fine day in April, gave me a bad surprise. They decided to bid good bye to Bangalore and relocate to Aurangabad. They were one of the three families (out of 450) whom we are friends with in our apartment complex. From then on, there was nobody from whose fridge I can flick carrots & tomatoes and sip evening tea and munch Britannia biscuits over Bollywood gossip. And I also miss morning and evening dose of flying kisses and hugs from two little naughty boys.

I completed two years of togetherness with Vj. Haha, like somebody said, ‘It's so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life!’ But life only got better and happier in the last two years! He gifted me a zoom lens for my Canon baby! Yes, it is a big deal for me!

I made up my mind to learn swimming and driving.

Quarter 3:

A year since my uncle passed away. Realized how fast time rushes and little by little, it heals the rotten pain and even bottomless sorrow. However, somewhere deep inside, his disappearance has left a void which is everlasting.

I saw the Taj Mahal. Smile… Come on; I was at the Taj! I did not dance like the latest Bachan though! Also, explored all the neighboring states! I have already made a list of places in India which I should visit next year. Oh... I totally appreciate my keenness.

Gul-Gul returned from London and then weekends of badminton and sambar and rava idlies were restored.  Oh, how I love it when he is around! The quarter came to an end when I was no more scared of piggies and flu; I realized it is just another fever which is not a big deal! Happily, I threw away all the unused green colored masks.

Discarded the idea of learning swimming; courtesy: Bangalore weather. Driving plans are still on, however postponed to next quarter!

Quarter 4:

Hey… by the way, in the last quarter, I completed half a year at work. And I have to admit I am totally in love with it. Once again, cheers to Madam G!!

My dear most-est friend got married; however more exciting is that she shifted base to Bangalore, in my neighborhood. Well, don’t I have a reason to celebrate? I also had a quick Kerala tour with Vj and two of my friends, which was fantabulous!

To wrap up the year, 3 newcomers arrived in the family in 2 packages! - A pair of boy & girl and a boy! Oh boy… what fun!!!

BTW, driving classes are once again (for the nth time) pushed to the next year! All pot holes are being covered in the city, so it makes sense to wait until then! Did somebody comment that girls are the best at cooking excuses? ;)

Enthusiastically, looking forward to another year; hoping it will have in store, pleasant and exciting surprises for me and all my dear and near ones!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Well summed-up! And Wishing You All That You Would Wish For Yourelf in 2010 - Good Luck!


lostworld said...

Your summary is a lot like how IT companies summarize..In Quarters. What about the revenue for each one Shalini? ;-) j/k

I enjoyed reading this! :-)

Shalini Surendran said...

G3 - Thanks a ton!

Loast World - Yeah.. now u know how IT has influenced the Bangaloreans! ..n revenue - nothing was coming to me, instead was going from me! :)

Thank you, for posting your comments here! :)

Divya Rajiv said...

Well definately u have good surprises stored up for u.....wishing u all the good luck and hopefully u atleast register ur slef for driving...:)
btw cud u just gv me ur contact id...shall call u whn i am sane :)

Shiva said...

"hoping it will have in store, pleasant and exciting surprises for me and all my dear and near ones! " - It must!!!!!!!

Shalini Surendran said...

Divya - As of now, "Mission-Driving" is on the top of my list of priorities for 2010. Hopefully at least this time, the resolution will not be broken cos I have been doing this since 2005! ;)

Divya and Shiva - Thanks a lot for ur wishes and wishing u the same, once again! :)

Shij said...

hey shalini.. good one!
Was really nice to read tru...

Hope you will have equally exciting new year as well.. All the best for ur driving lessons... and keep writing!!!

Cheers .. :-)

Shalini Surendran said...

@ Shij - Thanks buddy! :)Driving class - hmm.. yeah.. aaahhh..!!! :) :)

BTW, A very Happy New Year to all of you!

Nacha said...

Ah shalini- is the summing up of 2009 idea copyrighted or may I use it to bring to life my dead space ;)? Wonderful read!!

Shalini Surendran said...

Thanks my v.buddy! Please go ahead and give ur space some life. Looking forward to it.

Pyari K said...

Wishing you a very happy 2010!!!

Accompolish your "Mission Driving" soon. I am expecting posts on your driving blunders.. ;)

Shalini Surendran said...

*sob sob*
I don't want it to be a blunder story, cos my ultimate aim is to drive to Rajastan from Bangalore :) :)

Anyways, thanks for ur wishes! Same to you - Have a wonderful year ahead :)

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