I lie quiescent
in sightlessness,
like a chewing gum
stuck under a shoe.
Without a clue,
but wanting to crawl;
in blind humiliation.

FYI: This has nothing to do with my state of mind; I am still the same old mad stupid myself! 

Onam extravaganza

celebrate this Onam in style, fabulously!

believe that we are still being ruled fairly by a Mahabali
believe that delight and justice fill the air always
believe that we certainly are far away from any menace
believe that all are in the pink of health

believe that betrayals are out of our lives
believe that we are living in bliss – a heaven
for sure, God’s own county!   

(picture clicked at Enteveedu, Wayanad)

Apart from watching Mohanlal and Mammootty on Asianet or Surya TV, how differently have you celebrated Onam this time? Let me know through the comment box. 

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