Onam extravaganza

celebrate this Onam in style, fabulously!

believe that we are still being ruled fairly by a Mahabali
believe that delight and justice fill the air always
believe that we certainly are far away from any menace
believe that all are in the pink of health

believe that betrayals are out of our lives
believe that we are living in bliss – a heaven
for sure, God’s own county!   

(picture clicked at Enteveedu, Wayanad)

Apart from watching Mohanlal and Mammootty on Asianet or Surya TV, how differently have you celebrated Onam this time? Let me know through the comment box. 


Prateek Sur said...

happy onam to you too!!

shameel said...
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shameel said...

Ahemm.. ithinte utharam njaan mail cheythittundu..

Anonymous said...

Wow... lovely!
Super analogy... Wishing u too a super Onam!


Dr Roshan R said...

Believe that atleast one out of those will come true for me :S

Happy Onam Shalini.. Onam not very different around here. Only difference I can see is Mohanlal and Mammooty are replaced by Dileep and Prithviraj !!

$$ said...

@ Prateek - Thank U :)

@ Shameel - yes yes; I need some time to revert to that idi-vettu mail.

@ Preeth - Thanks :)

@ Dr. R - Amen!! :P
Yes yes, super stars are also being replaced! Anyways, hope u r having fun... U r no more a student! ;)

Swaram said...

Oh yes we have to believe :)
Nice one :)

Wishing u a very happy Onam :)

Bikramjit said...

happy onam to you too
i did not know about it so kuch nahin kiya NOTHING

Rajlakshmi said...

happy onam :)

Rohan said...

Instead of having the sadhya I had appam and pork this time!! Its different right?? Happy Onam!!

Vidya said...

My onam was special as it was the first onam of Ammu and Vasu.....
Me and Anand made a grand pookalam before they woke up....made them pick the flowers, clicked some snaps with them.....then the typical ona sadhya....
one difference was that i didnt watch any block buster movies....lol

Haddock said...

For a change I went to work !!
But got my quota of Onam sadhya in the evening.
And yes, yesterday spend the day well by watching Peepli. A good movie after a long long time.

$$ said...

@ Swaram - Thanks :)

@ Bikramjit - Thank U :) Next year, may be u can mark the day in ur calendar, so that u will not forget abt the grand Onam lunch! :)

@ Rajlakshmi - Thank You! :)

@ Rohan - Indeed different!

@ Chechi - I loved the pictures! Lovely..

@ Haddock - Yeah... even i heard good reviews abt Peepli.

Tan said...

Happy Onam Sahlini...
Nice to see you back!!! :)

My onam celebrations were no different other than watching TV and having a sumptuous Sadya prepared by my mom.

Shiva said...

by having excellent food :)

Jon said...

You are good enough to be a John Lennon. Hope you have heard his 'Imagine'

My TV was not working and so is the ineternet.
So I watched a DVD and read books

Meanwhile I am trying to swap my camera...trying to close a good deal with some luck

$$ said...

@ Tan - What else can beat mom-cooked Onasadya?

@ Shiva - The best thing u can do on Onam! U have done justice to the day! :)

@ Jon - Oh, I am honored! :) :)
"Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world
You may say that I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one" --- beautiful lines!!!

Nona said...

Did you have a wonderful Onam?

Bikramjit said...

mark i will but then who is gonan treat me to that BIG LUNCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH now that is again a question.... :) he he

$$ said...

@ Nona - Well, I was at work ahem ahem... work is worship! ;) However, doing justice to the saying 'kaanam vittum Onam Unnanam', I was at my cousin's house during lunch time relishing the kaalan and olan and avayil and sambar and payasam! :)

@ Bikramjit - It is not a big deal finding a mallu even in the himalayas! U have all the rights to barge into any mallu home on Onam day to share the Onam feast! :)

lostworld said...

Belated Onam wishes.. Did you have a nice sadya?! :) I went to work as usual & hoped someone would pass me good food..but alas! :(

Chandu said...

I took a trip this Onam. You know the rest!

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