Sreeshanth’s New Year Resolutions

I want to become a good boy. I feel sad when I am made fun of. I feel insulted. I want to be respected and worshiped. At least not disliked. Like Sachin. Like Dravid. I read somewhere that sticking to a list of New Year resolutions is a good idea. 

So, here it goes. Daivame…Guruvayoorappa, save me!
  1. I will do justice to my name; will be a “Shanth” kumaran.
  2. I remind myself that I am not the greatest bowler India has ever produced. I will disown my babies - pride and arrogance.
  3. I will not overreact on the ground when only by my luck a batsman gets out.
  4. I will learn from my seniors on ‘How to Behave in Public’. Difficult I know, but I will try, God Promise!
  5. I shall not speak in English on Malayalam channels cos I admit, I make a fool of myself when I try to show off.
  6. Though I hail from a drama family, I will not cry and draw attention of the media, even when I get slapped by any Sardarji or a Kangaroo. 
  7. When I experience a testosterone rush, I shall hold back my feelings and chant the mantra, “Cricket first; girls follow”.
  8. I will not try to woo any more heroines cos I realize my team mates are better at handling girls. I don't want to fight a losing battle L. I love like Pritey Zinta like a chechi, I mean like an elder sister.
  9. Check Check...reality check - I think I am a fabulous dancer. But may be only as good as an average high school kid. I will hereafter stop exhibiting my dancing skills. 
  10. I will not bring disgrace to my folks, to fellow Keralites.
After all, I am from God’s own county; nothing is impossible in this country! Ol are as simble as a dimble! If you see me break any of the 10 promises, here I curse myself, “Let me become a deadly ghost; let kids laugh at me when I try to scare them!” 

Yours truly,
Gopu Mon (a.k.a Sreeshanth)


Abhilash said...

Thanks for the comments dear.

hey! you have a very nice blog. Not any praise but really you write very well. Atleast srisanth's post I liked and laughed a lot.

# I shall not speak in English on Malayalam channels cos I admit, I make a fool of myself when I try to show off.
ha ha... that was a nice one.

continue the effort boss!!

Ardra said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ardra said...

Thank you for the lovely words on my post. Am enjoying going thru the archives here...

Sid said...

Ya this is not fair... Sreesanth is a good bowler, i personally think he is better than Nehra, Ishant Sharma. Haan uska attitude issue hai, but we Indians need to be more aggressive. Look at the Australians, we dont see many blog posts on them... and my rant can go on...

The only thing i liked about this post is d picture :( :P

$$ said...

@ Abhilash said - Thanks a lot and welcome to my blog! :)

@ Ardra - Thank You! :)

@ Sid - Adding a pinch of mirchi-masala to anything I speak or write is mu all time fav hobby! ;) Yeah, I do agree, Gopu Mon, I mean Sreeshanth is not as bad as we think! :) :)

lostworld said...

Oh please send this to the man himself !!! Even if he doesn't stick ot even of them, it might put him in place eventually ;-)


et said...

"After all, we're from God’s own county;.."
U makes me *smiles*
Hey will get back to ya later. Bad bad exams going on! :D

Anonymous said...

What a laugh riot u gave me
- I hail from a drama family
- Pritey Zinta like a chechi
- Ol are as simble as a dimble
- let rats pee in my beer bottles

Please post very often.


Shiva said...

You are beating yourself with every post! :)

"I disown my babies - pride and arrogance and shall send them for an indefinite world tour." - What a way to put it! Keep rocking...

Toon India said...

nice blog!!

Sid said...

@SS: Gat it ya... my comments were in jest 2 :)

$$ said...

@ lostworld said - How I wish..! ;)

@ et - Thanks! ..n good luck to crack ur exams!

@ Preeth - Tanks! :)

@ Siva - You cannot be more encouraging. Thanks a ton!

@ Toon India - Thanks and welcome to my blog!

@ Sid - yeah yeah.. gat it!

Divya Rajiv said...

how did u get a snap that so much resembles him.....no kidding...:)

$$ said...

Divs... It was a forward I received with the subject 'Sreeshanth smiling in a desert'. I felt it too funny that I wanted to use it for the blog with some text! :)

Gopakumar V S (ഗോപന്‍ ) said...

Good one Shalini....keep going great

Thanks and Best Wishes...

Jith Thomas said...

Hail Gopu mon and Malayala Manorama. :-)
Fun apart, I am one of his few (?)fans. If we see the statistics, he is better than Nehra, Praveen Kumar and the so called R.P Singh.

Meety said...

Uff... enikke Vayya ... paavam Gopu mon.. :P

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