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Weekdays are so mechanical. Monday morning transforms me into a machine, which obeys mostly my brain and not always my heart. There are no surprises to look forward to. However, at times I do get surprised when I see the price tag on vegetable packets! Once in a while, I even get wonder struck at some emails! But here, I am talking about exciting surprises like a flower bouquet at my office desk with a Smiley on a post-it, followed by a phone call from a long lost friend! Oh… only if life resembled Bollywood, it would have been so lovely! J

Knock knock… return to reality, darling…!!!

Reality Check: Since the day I have started working in Bangalore, this is how an average office-going day looks like!

6:15 am - Lakshmi madam (our maid), rings the door bell.
6:30 am – 7:45 am – Prayer, tea, newspaper, updates on films and stars, bitch about politicians, bath, cook oats/cereals (not for me), rush to office.

Before I reach my cube, I grab a plate of 
Idly-Vada from the cafeteria. When they hiked the price by 4 rupees one fine morning, I was taken aback by surprise cos I felt the size of the vada slightly got reduced with the increase in price. By the time my computer boots, I make my tummy happy to totally fall in love with the new day at work!

I check mails, reply to a few, ignore a few, flag a few and delete a few, work, accept and send meeting requests, read the latest posts of my favorite bloggers, pay attention and not pay attention to meetings, work, peep into gmail, work, wonder, dream, smile, work, think, check my friends’ updates on facebook and orkut, work, relish masala tea from vending machine, update my tweets, laugh at status messages, smile at my colleagues, work, read news on rediff, attack the food counters in cafeteria, take a walk around office building, work, get caffeinated, make calls, receive calls, ignore calls, work, type sense and nonsense on internal messenger, work and then it is 5 pm to leave for home!

Back home, it is a continuous hop from living room to kitchen to bedroom to balcony to living room to bathroom to bedroom to kitchen to…. and I fall fast asleep till Lakshmi rings the bell again - the next day!

If you are also working and your day is different from mine, please let me know! Even otherwise, tell me how similar it is! 


Sorcerer said...

its almost the same, but I find time to bug friends and read book during lunch hour.

the rest is "the whole package" of daily cyclical thingy

AJEETH said...

That was a lovely sharing of yourself.i don't know where all this came from, your heart or head...if this continues, the fun loving part in your profile will be soon deleted.
I would like to make two comments
You expect if every thing was sooo filmy...you are not getting any surprises!!!..you are now in the receiving side of the equation. Turn around ,go to the giving side.
Decide to surprise at least one person a day by your lovable action,something you expects to happen to you.See the difference it makes to your life.
consider your life as plane sheet of paper.Fold it into 3 equal parts. Now you get three 8hr parts. the first part you give for sleep and rest. Second part is for your profession. This two you can no way disturb, and i think u are set into it.BUT WHAT ABOUT THE THIRD PART???
usually it is filled with meaningless stuffs!!. This you can use to get to your TRUE PURPOSE OF LIFE...that off course is NOT TO BE MECHANICAL.What is that, to find it is a long journey....make a start.

Anonymous said...

These are exactly the things even I feel and exactly the things I do at work! But, never I can convert them into interesting sentences like you did.

Extremely interesting read Shalini...


Sree said...

for me each n every day is different, I am at a new place each n every week of the month. meet new people, new food, new place to live.
by the time i get adjusted to one place my boss calls me up sayin " haa Sreejesh!!! how are you?? how is work there ? Sreejesh we have an urgent work there at Patna. U can Plan for tomorrow... " and the next day i am at an entirely new place... a few days there then ready for the next trip..

scarlet pimpernel said...

I dont understand why people associate "mechanical" with drab ..boring etc. To me everything connected to it is just awesome

$$ said...

@ Sorcerer said - Bugging friends should be one of the most interesting activities! :)

@ Ajeeth - Welcome to my blog, thanks for stopping by. Also, Thanks for all the gyan :) Knowing me, I don't know if I will succeed in putting all of them into practice.

@ Preeth - Thanks a ton, buddy!

@ Sree - Lucky u; like I told u yesterday, not all are fortunate to travel even to Patna for professional reasons.

@ scarlet pimpernel - Thanks for dropping ur thoughts here. In my dream world, I am yet to find a place for mechanics. I think it's hi time I do that! :) :)

Jeseem said...

aaa you work too hard..
and on top of it, you get idly-vada..
I have to make my own breakfast.. sob. sob..

Anuraj said...

Shalini where are you working ;)

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