Rakhi Sawant v/s Aiswarya Rai

Couldn’t manage to get it even today! Smarter guys have already snatched it!! I think I am the only one left on Planet Earth who has not watched Three Idiots (yet!!). So grumpy I am, and my reasons are valid enough to be so!

With a sad 
L face I walked out of office, thinking what would be the easiest thing to cook for dinner. I am definitely not in a mood to exhibit my culinary skills. Instead of munching pop corn laughing at Amir Khan followed by a sub from Transit, I am stuck between rice & rasam and chapati & subji and dosa & chutney and biriyani from neighborhood restaurant!  Oh… the evening offers not only disappointments for free; but also tough choices!

With all these confusions making circuits in my cerebrum and cerebellum, I was sitting inside the bus on my way back home, listening to “Kajra re Kajra re…” on some fm station. Aiswarya as Ms. Gorgeous-ever and Amitab Bachan as Mr.Irk-ever also got mixed with the dosa and chapatti in my brain! 

That is when this cute little girl sitting next to me asked, “Didi… whom do you like better? – Rakhi Sawant or Aiswarya Rai?”
Opening my eyes wider, I said, “Excuse me…!!”
Girl, “Aiswarya or Rakhi?”
At an unexpected question at the most unexpected time, I replied like a player which was already fed with an answer, “Aiswarya”
“How come?”
“Hmmm… because I like Aiswarya better”, that was the best answer I could spit out!
“You are so silly didi, I like Rakhi… is she not too trendy and sexy?!
“Huh…!!! Really?”
“Seeing her dance, even I have joined Bollywood dance class. When I grow tall enough, my mother said even I can take part in the dance competition on TV with my boy friend. Then, both of us will become famous.”

I realized I have become too old, in fact a grandmother at heart to handle kids! The generation gap has become too wide beyond repair!

Before I got off the bus, the Sawant fan did not forget to give me a trendy and sexy flying kiss. I tucked it in my pocket and walked towards home. Back to dosa v/s chapatti v/s rice v/s biriyani!!


anoop said...

you should have shown the kid a photo of rakhi sans make-up, she would have towed your line. see, you should carry around a internet capable multimedia phone. amen.

Sujay said...

hmm...not older thn me i guess. n ya showing ur another world juz now!

Beautiful Mind said...

omg,its hilarious!I was going through your blogs.
I cant stop laughing.I am in office and laughing like a maniac!
ha ha ha!

. said...

@ Anoop - yeah, I am considering that! :)

@ Sujay - may be she is 6 or 7 years old. so, older or younger?! ;)

@ Beautiful Mind - Danks! :) Laughter is the shock absorber that eases the blows of life; so place and time doesn't matter actually! :)

Shij said...

Too much gurl!! :D ... its really funny!
What on earth made you compare Rakhi Sawant and Ash!!!! hahahaha..

nyways.. nice one..

Meethi said...

Good one.. bwn.. even I haven't watched 3 idiots yet :P

Sid said...

Ahh i would have replied Rakhi Sawant just to get more masala... vaise u will find many older ppl (men) who are also fans of Rakhi Sawant for completely different reasons though :P

Nice to see you have added the follow section to your blog... u write well :)

$$ said...

@ Shij - not poor me, the lil girl was creative enough to compare Aish and Rakhi! ...n thanks for posting ur comments here.

@ Meethi - Really, join the club.

@ Sid - Thanks lot. Yeah, Rakhi has fans from different sections of the society! ;) ;)

Anonymous said...

"confusions making circuits in my cerebrum and cerebellum" I think u should seriously think of writing for serious reasons. You imagination and use of simple words is simply out of the world.


kochuthresiamma p .j said...

think the little girl has a point-must hand it to rakhi S for heights achieved in the dynasty and natural beauty dominated bollywood.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. Oh my god! I cant stop laughing !!! I really belong to a different generation then

$$ said...

@ Preeth - Thank you!

@ Kochu Thresiamma - If we are to believe her interviews, Rakhi's is an amazing 'rags to riches' story, in true bollywood fashion.

@ evanescentthoughts - Thanks :) Absolutely; be in the company of kids for 15 minutes, u will get blown away by generation gap!

Pyari K said...

Now that is a real example of Generation Gap!

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