India is a land of astounding contrasts. It has in itself the best and the worst. India might be materially a poor country; but spiritually it is immensely rich. Human dilapidation may be witnessed at an exceptional scale here; at the same time one may also experience heights of moral incomparability. Where there are child abuses, women exploitation, theft and bloodshed, there are also kind strangers, eternally sacrificing mothers and fathers, loyal friends and poised street vendors. While India boasts of a large pool of engineers and scientists, its illiteracy rate is among the highest in the world. The list of never-ending differences goes on and on - endlessly!

What will be your truthful answer if you are unexpectedly asked, “How do you rate the people of India?”? Well… I would stumble upon words cos the conflict between reality and my love for my country will interrupt my answer. After all, it is not the computer professionals, business magnets or movie stars who constitute the population of India. For a minute, I would be hesitant to be very blunt. My remarks are etched based on my personal experiences and unfortunately most of the times, it is bitter.

Last week, we were on a short road trip. Everything seemed to be perfect - wide divided roads, accurate road signs, smooth moving traffic and genuine toll booths. We were thoroughly enjoying the weather, the music and the highway drive! Suddenly from nowhere a huge boulder pierced though the windshield, hit hard, bent the steering wheel and landed inside the car. The next sec we see scattered glass pieces all over and a glass-web right in front of our eyes! Puzzled and shocked, we had no idea what went wrong or what happened in the previous second! However, we realized somebody on the road was the culprit. We wondered and asked each other –
Who?? …but Why?!!

Salam-Namaste-Shukriya, dear darling God!!!” We repeated again and again – more than a million times for saving our lives without even a small scar! That was in fact miraculous! Once again – "Thank You!"

We investigated the next day to solve the mystery! …and were astounded to know the reason. Apparently a vehicle ran over and killed a lady at the same spot few minutes before we passed by. Enraged villagers who did not know how to protest chose this sadistic way – hurt the following “rich” people who might kill “poor” pedestrians in future!

If the same had happened in an Arab country, the criminal’s arm or head will be chopped off! If in the US, he would be jailed for lifetime. However in India, the guy is seen roaming around arrack shops, caught and let go the next time too even if he happens to be the reason for wounding a fellow human being!

Now, please ask me - “How do you rate the people of India?”?
My honest answer – Most of them are Barbarians!

(My intent was different when I started writing this piece; sadly I had to end it this way – but you know why!!)

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