Are you a Hypocrite?

We live amongst hypocrites, ..because we are left with no choice!

Before I begin; ..Who is a hypocrite? He is one who fakes for the purpose of winning admiration of concern and who pretends to be better than he actually is! He suggests something, but execute another. He says he hates something, yet he himself is the first one to do that. 

Any day, these kinds of people irritate me a lot! There is so much of contradiction in their mental programming. It is in a total conflict. They run something with their tongue while the converse is put into action.

On his birthday, he received a beautiful and touching card from his daughter which says,

Happy Birthday!! You are the world to me :)
I love you so very much. I am a proud doctor today - only because of you. Any sacrifice isn’t enough for the pains you have taken to bring me up. I miss you a lot :( "

But the next day, she betrays her dad for a guy whom she met the day before! Yeah.. I do see a 100% hypocrite in her. Her dad, who every moment says he lives for his daughter, is no better! Today, nothing on earth can coerce him to forgive his daughter. Where has the much talked about “big heart” gone?

There were hypocrites living in the past, hypocrites live in the present, and in future I hope the hypocrite in everybody dies…!!

In the name of relegion, Shree-Ram-Sena activists attacked a pub and harassed the girls. While there is massive public outrage over the issue, the activists justifies the attack arguing that the pub culture is destroying the morale of the country as it is a custom that is borrowed from the west.

Now, lemme ask,
“What has come from the West”? ..all the atrocities that is happening in the country? For our ineptitude, it is not fair to blame somebody, who is an alien to the entire episode. Talking about morality (with all respect to the great epic), look at Draupati from Mahabharat, who got insulted in front of hundreds of strangers, while her husbands were just starring into air, helplessly and mouth shut!!

..and did that come from the west? Will at least any one of the activists, who (supposedly) hold firm on our culture and tradition, let his sister or wife be a Draupati of this era?! Like Yudhistira, will he keep quiet at any Dushasan to advocate the value of dharma?

'Listen to what I say, and don’t comment on what I do', is what a hypocrite declares!  I don't know about you, but I just hate them!

You there, “Please… Escape from being synonymous with hypocrisy..!!"


The Great Arabian Experience

Three weeks of my vacation in Dubai is almost over. Every time I come here, I look around amused...; amused at the vigorous growth of the country! Over the years, rulers of Dubai have renovated this once small fishing village into a modern, magnificent and bustling city. Dubai is the largest business hub of the Middle East and today it has grown to become the shopper’s paradise of the world! Hats off to the incredible visionary!

Pictures speak louder than words! So, lemme let them speak!


This is Atlantis Palm Jumeirah, a seven star hotel built on an artificial island. Palm Jumeirah is an international icon. How did such a pioneering initiative originate? It was in fact created to add more beaches to Dubai’s landscape. The hands which shaped this creative island had the foresight to visualize that the fronds of a palm would offer more beach facade than a traditional circular landmass in the sea. Thus, the Palm Jumeirah was born!

Sheraton Deira Hotel

This is where my dad works. This is not the biggest, ..not the grandest hotel. But for me.. it is.. MAJESTIC, of course!!!

The famous Deira Creek

In fact one of the most important landmarks of Dubai. The Creek is a natural sea-water inlet which cuts through the centre of the city. A walk along its banks stirs up the city’s years of trading traditions.

Camel on wheels - Land Cruiser

Belly Dancer performing at the desert camp

Dubai Desert Safari
is a must experience adventure tour. Otherwise called dune bashing, it is an entertaining thrill ride through the interiors of the desert, challenging the sand dunes.

Massive aquarium inside Dubai Mall

An arrangement at the Mall of Emirates.
These are just two of the countless enormous shopping malls in Dubai.

Sheikh Zayad Road

The longest road in the UAE which streches from Abu Dhabi to Ras Al Khaimah, running parallel to the coastline.

Clock Tower - Dubai's oldest structure built over 40 years ago.

I am bidding good bye to Dubai, hoping to come back soon.. to witness more new wonders!


Dubai: Escape to Musandam

We started off to Musandam only because we had nothing else to do on a Friday..!!

Well.. Musandam
 is a peninsula of Oman, alienated from rest of the country by its neighbor - The United Arab Emirates. Connectivity has been a problem for the local people here because geographical characteristics of the place add hindrance to their mobility. Hence it is a sparsely populated region. However indubitably, it is a stunning, breath taking spot!!!!  

We sailed for close to four hours in a dhow, exploring the sea and the rocky mountains.  I call it “An experience”!!!! 

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