Dubai: Escape to Musandam

We started off to Musandam only because we had nothing else to do on a Friday..!!

Well.. Musandam
 is a peninsula of Oman, alienated from rest of the country by its neighbor - The United Arab Emirates. Connectivity has been a problem for the local people here because geographical characteristics of the place add hindrance to their mobility. Hence it is a sparsely populated region. However indubitably, it is a stunning, breath taking spot!!!!  

We sailed for close to four hours in a dhow, exploring the sea and the rocky mountains.  I call it “An experience”!!!! 


revo said...

nice pictures you got ther.. :)

Musandam Dibba said...

Great pictures i love this place its so beautiful .
Musandam Dibba

JaCob said...

There are so many beautiful places in the world but i really like Musandam Dibba to spend holidays its a perfect place for the family trip.

Nicholas Brody said...

Musandam Dibba Great blog. i really appreciate your effort.
this time when ever i will visit Dubai, i will surely go to

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