Test of G.K.

Last month was fun. I made friends with few extremely entertaining ladies and had a gala time with them treating our taste buds from small & big eateries around and also pulling each others legs

One of them is an expat, who was born and brought up outside India and recently relocated to India. I felt it was my moral responsibility to be a city guide and take her for an exploration to make her too fall in love with Namma Bengaluru!

As part of the exercise, we were in Landmark where this book titled, Satyajit Ray’s Ravi Shankar kept on the shelf caught our attention.

Me – Do you like him?
Charu - Indeed yes; I have read about him. He has even written a popular book, right?
Me – In fact, many. His short stories are interesting and gripping!
Charu – Oh; are there scientists who write fiction?
Me (confused) – Errr….scientist?!!
Charu – Wasn't he the Prime Minister or something of India?
Me – Ab… Abdul Kalam? 
Charu – I didn't know there are many ministers in India with aviation background! Impressive, I should say!!
Me - Speechless
Charu – By the way, what is this cartoonist doing with him?
Me – Cartoonist? Who?
Charu – Isn't Ravi Shankar the guy who created this ‘checked shirt dude’?
Me – R.K. Lax….???!!!!
Charu – I have decided to buy this book, anyways.

Even without checking the synopsis behind the book, she bought it and walked out of the store. It is definitely going to surprise her; a helicopter launch is probably what she expects turning every page!! 

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