My Dancing World

Oh…the cows are dancing, my husband is dancing, the meadows are dancing, the pink flower vase is dancing, the post office building is dancing, and I am also dancing...to the rhythm! I cuddled up again under the blanket, so loving the dream. The Dancing World…how beautiful indeed! Life is just perfect – colorful, happy and extravagant! How I wish if I really existed in such a carefree world, where people forget all their worries and dance together in merry! Closing my eyes tight, smiling to myself, I continued to enjoy the visuals.  

…while he pulled my blanket and forcefully dragged me into the real, disgraceful world! Totally annoyed, I rubbed my eyes and looked furiously at him! But I could only see his jaws move up and down! Huh?! Have I become deaf? Clearing my ears, I screamed at him, “Let us make things clear. Please let me know your problem. Why do you always hate to see me sleep peacefully?”

He smacked back, “Because, I am not interested in getting buried under the bricks. Are you getting out of the house now with me?”

Unable to make any sense out of it, I asked, “What? Can you explain?”

I could actually see his hair stand up and fumes come out of his ears. Still trying to stay calm, he said “Madam wifey, if you aren’t aware, the earth is wobbling right now; in scientific terms, it is called an earth quake. So, if you wish to live longer, I invite you outside of the house. Except you and me, the whole of New Zealand is now outdoors”.  
“Ente Karthaave…!”, I cried and panicked! “I have promised my ammachi that I would meet her this December to join the Palli-Perunnal with my valia-ammachi. I cannot afford to miss it at any cost! Come on; what the hell are you waiting for? Run fast, you slow poke!” Soon, both of us joined the hundreds of desis and vi-desis on the road, in shock, helplessly looking at houses and shops tremble and crack.

In few minutes, I realized that in 0 degree Celsius, I was standing below the dark sky in my pajamas, at 1:30 a.m! My feet were getting frozen and I tucked my hands in the pockets to feel the warmth. But all in vain. I felt my blood vessels were also getting frozen and thought I would soon become a statue. Here's what I visualized – a statue wearing night pants with smiling Mickey mouse all over and tees having Dhoni raise his cricket bat! Oh no…so, weird! And perhaps, people would name it, “The Statue of Frozen Looze”!

I told my husband, “Analyzing the situation in depth, I think we are left with just 2 choices – either die in this unbearable chilliness or be prepared to get smashed under the bricks. I guess latter one would be the smart choice! At least that sounds very fancy! So honey, come…let’s go home and watch Rajani Kanth handling adverse conditions in ‘Enthiran’! You never know, we might get better ideas!!”

As narrated by my very close friend Looze Baby; oops… I mean Liz Anto Cherry who currently resides in New Zealand with her husband.


Mid-week Gyan

Have you experienced moments in life when you feel totally let down? When calculations go wrong? When neighborhood appears boring and even rotten? When you realize you aren’t earning enough? When colleagues turn super ass holes? When you are being deceived and taken for a ride? When family drives you nuts? When you cannot tolerate India loosing cricket matches? When gymming doesn’t save? When even expensive lingerie no longer helps you look sexy? When carelessness take over you? When you lose enthu to live life to the fullest?

What do you do? Give up? Never!! Then?!

I have the solution!

Rush to Krishna Kafe, eat an onion-rava-masala-dosa soaked in coriander chutney and get slouched in filter coffee. Non bangaloreans – you may visit the nearest Saravana Bhavan or Aryas to relish the poori-baji or idi-vadas. Spend the evening with your best friend reliving those nostalgic days shared years ago. Chop vegetables to help your wife cook sambar for dinner. Watch Tom & Jerry fight ...and laugh. Hug your mom. Sleep tight praying for a better tomorrow!

What you think is a silly solution, could be the greatest reliever at times! Earth is after all, not all that a bad place to live in!! J


I love you, B'lore

I admit; I have cribbed volumes about this city. I hate the endless wait in the city’s chaotic traffic, so annoying are the narrow, unplanned and dug up roads, I cannot stand those uncivilized idiots who spit their red juice on public walls, sadly there is no solution to irresponsible political system and I see no end to pollution!

However, in spite of all the mismatch of likes, I am in love with Bangalore! Totally…!!

I love the cosmopolitan way of life here, I love my home, I love my work, I love the red buses on road, I love my new friends, I love my weekends and I love the weather.

Talking about Bangalore’s weather… I guess it is now going through some strange illness! Otherwise,

Why are the mornings no more cold? Oh… how I love those lazy, cozy and chill daybreaks!
Why are the afternoons so damn hot? Up above the sun is so uninviting!
Why are the evenings welcomed by surprise rains? …which lacks rhythm!
Why do we still sweat at night? That is terrible!

Pediatricians, gynecologists, ophthalmologists, neurologists…, anybody out there to treat my poor ailing Bengalooru?! 

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