I love you, B'lore

I admit; I have cribbed volumes about this city. I hate the endless wait in the city’s chaotic traffic, so annoying are the narrow, unplanned and dug up roads, I cannot stand those uncivilized idiots who spit their red juice on public walls, sadly there is no solution to irresponsible political system and I see no end to pollution!

However, in spite of all the mismatch of likes, I am in love with Bangalore! Totally…!!

I love the cosmopolitan way of life here, I love my home, I love my work, I love the red buses on road, I love my new friends, I love my weekends and I love the weather.

Talking about Bangalore’s weather… I guess it is now going through some strange illness! Otherwise,

Why are the mornings no more cold? Oh… how I love those lazy, cozy and chill daybreaks!
Why are the afternoons so damn hot? Up above the sun is so uninviting!
Why are the evenings welcomed by surprise rains? …which lacks rhythm!
Why do we still sweat at night? That is terrible!

Pediatricians, gynecologists, ophthalmologists, neurologists…, anybody out there to treat my poor ailing Bengalooru?! 


Swaram said...

Still, Blr is the best ;)

RGB said...

The Global Warming Syndrome, huh? Many discussions are on, in even the remotest corners of the world, for a quickfix solution. But fact is, there is just no immediate cure for it. Just as we gradually ruined it, we need to work slowly yet steadily towards make our world greener!

Anonymous said...

even i am very sad about the changing bangalore weather. used to be so good, once upon a time...

- preeth!

Avada Kedavra said...

Hmm global warming effect it seems like.. no solution.. only solution is to reduce the population :(

$$ said...

@ Swaram - so i do, in spite of being an expat in town! :P

RGB - yes, everybody should contribute their bit including me! It is easy to preach and write blog posts; but difficult to practice! :)

@ Preeth - like my uncle says, "there was a time when i used to lazily munch pop corn on MG road, that too on an afternoon in sweaters!"

@ Avada Kedavra - looks like... :(

Shimmer said...

for a moment i thought u were talkin about chennai :P
but banglore is a loveable place, i luv the whether :D

Rohan said...

I hav been to blor som 4 years bak and I had enjoyed the climate! But Stranger things are happening in this age!! India is 2nd in CWG!!

dr.antony said...

I remember going to Blore for picnic from the school. The first thing we used to get was a sweater and muffler.It used to be misty cold and enjoyable.
The last time I went there few years back,the change was striking.Crowded,busy,hot with too much traffic.
For that matter,Kerala is much worse.Weather is terribly hot round the year.
Life has changed, why not weather!

$$ said...

@ Shimmer - Chennai??? If I am to speak about Chennai, I would have said There is nothing I know which is as hot as Chennai..!!

@ Rohan - That was a rude analogy - Climate change and India bagging the 2nd place at CWG! :P :P

@ dr.antony - "Life has changed, why not weather!" So true and I loved it! :)

Nona said...

I hear it is raining cats and dogs out there in Bengaluru!

Anita :) said...

I was in Bangalore for about two years before I landed in Muscat. I should say I've never missed my hometown more than Bangalore.
It simply rocks.

$$ said...

@ Nona - it is awesome weather in Bangalore! Wanna join the party? :)

@ Anita - Yes, it does! :)

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