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When I joined my first job, I heard somebody shout across the aisle in office, “Lets rush for the WM.. I hope KD will approve SIP for Q4-06. Before that AR is on amending my MSR. I should admit this guy really made me feel so silly. Early in the morning, with an iron hammer he smacked hard at my ignorance. I got so annoyed at myself for not being able to figure out what he meant.

To please myself, I picked the phone and asked one of my friends, “Do u like PH or PC?” Surprisingly, she said, “None.. I like SB. Grrr… I asked, “Now, what the hell is that?” She said, “I am bored of Pizza Hut and Pizza Corner; ..now, all my love is for dosas from Saravana Bhavan!!”

At work, it took a while, for me to familiarize all the technical jargons.. and understand that not always people use these so called official-lingos and acronyms to enable easy conversation or to simplify things. I feel, most of the times, they only make it sound more complicated.

The guy who made me feel like a piece of shit, actually was asking his colleague to join the “Weekly Meeting” (which is not a big deal.. cos it is meant for everybody every week). He prays (cos may be he would have screwed it up) his boss, “Krish Dev” (not at all difficult for a Desi to call out) approves “Strategy in Place” drafted for 4th Quarter of 2006. Before he does that, “Action Required” is on correcting his “Monthly Status Report” (which of course he messed up!!!!).

So, what is your take on that? :)


Preeti said...

:) Crazy acronyms.
But nice when u text a lot.
Thanks for stoppin' by

Shubha said...

Oh ya.. Dat ws a mess initially! I was really awestruck when (a week after I joined) one of my senior colleagues appreciated my new project idea n said ‘ohh wow! U must put this up on ur next bum video’! Nw, u can imagine what my ‘BUM’ video is, right? :P

D.Nambiar said...

Another good one. :)

Thanks for explanations in the last para.

Hmm...now I wonder what a BUM video is...

Deepak said...

Shaapppaaa truly out of the world.. :) Why so complicated, when it can be so simple.. :)

Shalini Surendran said...

Preeti - Indeed crazy. In fact the craziness still continues :)

Shubha - Hilarious comment!
yeah.. i too thought it was some fun video being shot for the quarter. I cudn't help laughing when I knew what BUM video is!!!

D.Nambiar - Thanks! :) BUM video stands for Business Update Meet video, where major techies talk not in english, but in their own tech language.

Deepak - Exactly..!! Why make easy things complicated???!!! ...n thanks for posting ur comments here!

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