To whom I owe all my happiness..

Long long ago, a tiny adorable creature was born, only to bring in bundle of joy to its parents. From a feeble little baby, she grew into a girl and then to a woman. Her dad gave his sweat and life to see the twinkle glowing in his daughter’s eyes always. Days flew; months flew; years flew… never he realized one day she will go far too ahead in life, to build her own world of happiness!

Feeling the warmth of her dad, 26 years has been a journey of joy; experiencing all the colors of life, ranging from black to white and red to violet. The little helpless thing once up on a time and the proud daughter of her dad is none other than me! :)

This piece of writing is for my Dad, only for my Dad, who means more than the world to me.. to let him know how much I adore him for what he is, for nurturing me to what I am today and for every little thing he has done over the years to brighten up my life!

As I am celebrating two years of togetherness with my husband, for all the happiness I enjoy… I only have all the love in the world to give you!

Your lil princess :)


Pyari K said...

A very touching note.

Anonymous said...

:) nice

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