Did I make the right choice?

I was given few options.
(Since almost a year, I have been thinking hard to make the right pick!)

1) Bitter guard juice 
2) Sprouts smashed in celery syrup
3) I don’t even want to mention the rest as I feel they are venomous!

Finally, I chose the former forcing myself to believe that bitter is better.
I trust the vitamins and minerals in it.. which has promised to do wonders to my heart, skin and brain and help them stay fit and fine.

….just like we Indians declined “Lotus” and expressed faith in “Hand”!


Preeti Shenoy said...

Smiled after reading this:)See your post.U've spelt is as 'guard'.Was the Guard really that bitter? Still you chose him! My MY--you have a thing for security guards , don't you? ;-)
Sorry Shalini..could't help teasing you.

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