Every damn thing in life comes at a price!

Yesterday, I knocked down my favorite crystal flower vase.. only to see it get scattered all over the place. I was so helpless that I had no choice but to look at it miserably with my mouth wide open! Irritated at myself, I gathered those tiny glass pieces in a plastic bag and dumped in the trash can.

How I wish.. if I could go back in time, rewind the course of actions, be little more watchful this time to save the vase! You know, I hate it when I can't get things fixed..!

Most of us run this stupid thought a hundred times for various reasons - Had I been not doing this I wouldn’t have lost that…! I have always wondered, instead of crucifying ourselves often regretting for the past; why not try to evade from later feeling sorry about it.

Most of the times, observing snobbish teenagers make me feel my heart suddenly stops pumping blood. Oh My God… They are crazy and act so weird! They might be fabulous at multi-tasking; however I find them absolutely lost! They have no hold on things which they pretend to master! They are in a mad rush to make themselves believe that nothing is impossible on earth. While in their teens or twenties, they want to achieve everything in life. But at the same time, prioritizing the choices is a tough task for them. Girl friends and dating might top the list of concerns for some; while for few others exams and studies will be of higher importance.

They follow their dreams and aspirations trying to re-discover their identity. They want to get rich, they want to own a big house, they want to become successful, they want to share their life with a dazzling partner, and they want everything in the world to be so “cool”; …although they take most of the things for granted. That is why I find these wild guys run cris-cross across Bangalore on their bikes at rocket speed, which makes me think, “Oh My God.. Why do they compel themselves to wail later?” Staying healthy, getting older or facing a diabetic tomorrow will be the last few things they worry about! They don’t consider life as a gift of God.. and they don’t value it at all. Perhaps they do not realize that there are lakhs of unfortunate people struggling to hold back their breadth for at least a day longer to spend few more extra hours with their loved ones!

Let me remind them once again; not everything in life can get fixed.

Does it sound like a philosophical ‘bhashan’ given after sunday mass at a church? A wacky reckless fellow tempted me to write this who banged an old man this morning who was trying to cross the road. This ruthless and shameless guy did not even show courtesy to stop by and help the poor man get up! Grrr…!!! Some people - How I hate them...!!!! 


Shantharam Shenoy K said...

hi Shalini
that was sad :(

"Sometimes when things dont go our way or something doesnt go right..we always look back and think we should have done things differently..Our life is nothing but our choices, the way we choose is the way we live..just believe in yourself and follow the path of your heart and there will no regrets.."

This is something i strongly believe..i do not know if i had come across this quote somewhere before but you will find its essence everywhere..

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