Lemme reveal myself

-        I hail from God’s own country (ownership – awaiting confirmation!!). Some times, I am proud to say that; at times, I am not. Still I love my country.

-        My best non living friend is my camera. Hopefully, we will stick on to each other forever …and ever! 

-         I love week ends, but I hate them if I am to sit at home, cook, eat and sleep.

-         I speak bad Tamil, worst Hindi, horrible Kannada, okay English and laudable Malayalam.

-         I am in love with my new job. ….n when I remind myself about that, I think of Madam G!

-         Bollywood gossip interests me. I hate silly sentimental films, still I cry when I watch them.

-         I admire pretty girls and handsome guys.. and I pray my to-be-born kids should also be good looking, gorgeous, intelligent and witty!

-          I like French fries… and French kiss.. their movies too (with sub titles)!

-          I love the “gelf”.. no “The Gulf”. It has been my bread and butter for years.

-          I adore Shah Jahan. I envy Mumtaz Mahal. But, I have not seen “The Taj Mahal”.

-          “Chemistry” is the thing I hate the most in the world.. no; in the universe! I still get nightmares :( Maths drives me nuts. I don’t understand anything technical.

-          I love playing in the beach.. and in water! But I don’t know how to swim. I also hate to get drowned. …and I cry “Bachaaao…!!!”

-          When things fall apart, I force myself to believe, “Everything happens for ones own good”

-          I love recollecting stories from English text books. I think of my school very often.

-          Rain, Tea, “Murukku” in Kerala – How I miss the combination! :( I hate mosquito bites. I am dead scared of chicken pox, malaria and jaundice.

-          I love to be a part of intellectual conversations; though I prefer to be just a listener keeping my mouth shut. 

-          My heroes are Sachin Tendulkar and A.R. Rahman, ...and my dad! 

-          I have set a target for myself - When I die, I should have travelled to at least three places in every continent.

-          I am a great fan of Lord Krishna. I love to read and listen to his prankster tales. I love Krishna Bhajans too.

-          Some people get onto my nerves. I try to avoid them.

-          I love being in love!

-          Its difficult for me to stand cranky kids.. I hope.. mine would be different.

-          I am lazy to gym, run, jog and walk. Still I want to stay healthy, slim and trim! But I like sending emails :P

-          Give me a good read, I will not trouble you. I like Tom and Jerry; I like Tom better.

-          Vj hates chips and sandals. But I'm mad about all the 3 - Vj, chips and sandals! :)

-          Airplanes and internet amuses me. The former flies without touching anywhere; the latter works without any wires!

-          I am afraid of dogs.. I hate cats. I don’t like barking and biting dogs.

-          College days – I love to recollect those days. But never in life was I a dedicated student. I have friends from Tibet to Manipur to Delhi to Bombay to Mysore to Coimbatore to Trivandrum!    

-          I have extreme mood swings. I can get to the depths of despair and heights of ecstasy easily.

-          Disappointment comes easily to me, though I hate it. These days, I am trying hard to over come that.

-          All my good friends care for me a lot.

-          I talk to myself while taking bath.

-          I don’t like cooking; but Vj likes. That makes me smile!

-          I love smiling me. Most of the times, I love myself. At times, I don't. I am my greatest fan (cos I believe everyperson should be admired by at least one person!)

-          I argue with Vj; I fight with gul-gul. But I am protective about both.

-          I am very bad in giving directions. I lack geography sense, though my geography teacher is my favorite.

-          I am at my humorous best, when I am alone. That is when I think of the craziest things on earth.

-          I hate people loosing lives. I hate people loosing health. I hate people loosing happiness.

-          I hate MCPs. I hate FCPs as well..! ;)

-          I love myself in jeans and skirts. But it’s hard to pick one always – Either I don’t like it or it doesn’t fit me well.         

-          I am a cleanliness freak.. and so I irritate lot of people. Still I cannot help it!  

-          Wet toilet seats annoy me. Grrrr… That makes me furious!       

-          I love surprises (of course good ones!) But I rarely get any! :( I love gifts too (even if its not a surprise ;). 

-          My latest fascination is for writing and reading blogs. 


Jithesh said...

I can understand this better (though not to the level of Rahul)..I see what u mean and wat u are…..but u aren’t as bad as u think w r t technicals/intelligence…Necessity is the mother of invention….and am sure u will rise to the occasion….cheers…!!!

anoop said...

I always think i can never write so many things about myself, but I also know that once I start I can write double the stuff. just to write some related stuff:
- i can swim continuous for 45 minutes, the breast stroke, which surprises me too.
- i have already traveled to at least 3 places in 3 continents; but i want to travel the length and breadth of india like a hippie.
- i love dogs (even after one has bit me) and hate cats (as they are very practical)
- people think i'm eternally confused, but all i'm doing is becoming better with every day.

i will stop here for the fear of my comment becoming a post by itself.

Shiva said...

Good "about me"..you covered almost everything :)

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