Wake me up into reality!

I woke up at 7 one fine morning, to find Vj still sleeping
(what is new, huh?!) like a cute little kitten. I pushed him out of the bed, reminding (..no; encouraging) him to go for his usual morning walk.

I brushed my teeth, combed my hair, wore my specs, banged the door and strolled into the living room.

“Good Morning”
, I greeted my son who was reading the newspaper. It only meant he should just get lost leaving the newspaper with me!!! …n poor thing; he did that! Mean while I turned around, to check if someone is bringing for me a cup of hot coffee. My grand daughter, as usual was blasting new age music in the house, which I hate to the core. To my ears, it sounds like an ignorant French guy arguing with a Chinese idiot. ;) I pleaded (cos I know only that would work with these smart asses!!), “Babe.. Could you please turn that off and play my collection of better songs?” She screeched back, “Daadi loves only A.R. Rahman and over acting King Khan. Oh My God.. I wonder how you guys tolerated them in theatres once up on a time!” 

I did not like that even a bit.. I slapped back, “Any day, my Khan is better than your eunuchs, whom I see on TV everyday. Do you know.. In our house in Kerala, we used to have a video cassette of Baazigar, which I watched…”

Daaaadi..”, she shouted, “Early in the morning, I am not at all interested in listening to stories from your history book. I know… there you had lot of coconut trees and you have watched Baazigar with your brother 50 times and Om Shanti Om with Daadu 25 times. Okay..?? Happy?? Now, will you leave me alone?” 

Though maddened like madness, I tried to be sweet with her. Once again, I asked her genially,
“Sweety (in my mind – you little rascal..!!), now.. please get my tea.” 

This was how I started the day; later part of the day was also eventful – I
spilled everything on the floor; my daughter screamed at me for not making my bed; I yelled at her for misplacing my balm and medicines; as usual, I dropped porcelain plates and cups on the floor, and when questioned, I shouted at my children, "I'm giving you a reminder of your childhood. You were even more disastrous!"

...that echoing in my ears, I woke up in shock from my day-dream! Oh.. what a great relief to wake up into reality. I was taken forty years ahead in time; just to remind myself how terrible I was twenty years ago! 


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