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is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving, of remembering! What has been caught on the camera is captured forever... It holds your hand and takes you through the memory lane, reminds you of the little and silly things, long after you have forgotten everything.

I love
I love clicking

To do justice to my camera and to my new lens, I have set a target for myself – Upload at least three pictures to my new blog every week. Now, it is been over two weeks since I promised myself and I am glad, so far, I have kept my word!

Please check it out here:

I hope, I pray, I wish – This resolution at least is made not to be broken!


My Neck – A Question Mark!

My hi-rated head is immobilized :(

My neck got sprained; so I hate people calling out my name from behind, from my right or from my left. I command, I beg, I plead, I yell, I remind… Appear right in front of me; my neck is under repair!

I figured there are worse kinds of pain in the world. Never had I realized how important it is to have a well-functioning mobile neck, to do lot other activities apart from peeping and eating! …the things I learn the hard way..!!! :(

Today I tried to further investigate the problem, considering my well wishers’ comments.


  • Vj says its cos I sleep in the shape of an snow ball, with my head tucked in somewhere!
  • My brother says its cos I bury my head inside the couch while watching television.
  • My friend asked if I am working too hard these days, contributing way too much to take my company to further heights :P  
  • Another friend said, it’s only cos I called her a Robo and made fun of her while I saw her last time in a collar, around her faulted neck.
  • My mother asked, “Oh… Is your sleeping posture still a “Raa” (read in Malayalam!)?


But what I conclude is, my neck sprained… just like that; for no good reason! Poor Poor me! 

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