My Neck – A Question Mark!

My hi-rated head is immobilized :(

My neck got sprained; so I hate people calling out my name from behind, from my right or from my left. I command, I beg, I plead, I yell, I remind… Appear right in front of me; my neck is under repair!

I figured there are worse kinds of pain in the world. Never had I realized how important it is to have a well-functioning mobile neck, to do lot other activities apart from peeping and eating! …the things I learn the hard way..!!! :(

Today I tried to further investigate the problem, considering my well wishers’ comments.


  • Vj says its cos I sleep in the shape of an snow ball, with my head tucked in somewhere!
  • My brother says its cos I bury my head inside the couch while watching television.
  • My friend asked if I am working too hard these days, contributing way too much to take my company to further heights :P  
  • Another friend said, it’s only cos I called her a Robo and made fun of her while I saw her last time in a collar, around her faulted neck.
  • My mother asked, “Oh… Is your sleeping posture still a “Raa” (read in Malayalam!)?


But what I conclude is, my neck sprained… just like that; for no good reason! Poor Poor me! 


lafemmereva said...

have you considered the fact that maybe ur twisting ur neck too often to see who is cat whistling u from behind ;)

Nacha said...

Awesome blog- great read! :D

* Im not a doctor, but could the sprain be attributed to the chutney showering incident which involved a swift,sharp movement of the much discussed neck in question? *

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