The Great Arabian Experience

Three weeks of my vacation in Dubai is almost over. Every time I come here, I look around amused...; amused at the vigorous growth of the country! Over the years, rulers of Dubai have renovated this once small fishing village into a modern, magnificent and bustling city. Dubai is the largest business hub of the Middle East and today it has grown to become the shopper’s paradise of the world! Hats off to the incredible visionary!

Pictures speak louder than words! So, lemme let them speak!


This is Atlantis Palm Jumeirah, a seven star hotel built on an artificial island. Palm Jumeirah is an international icon. How did such a pioneering initiative originate? It was in fact created to add more beaches to Dubai’s landscape. The hands which shaped this creative island had the foresight to visualize that the fronds of a palm would offer more beach facade than a traditional circular landmass in the sea. Thus, the Palm Jumeirah was born!

Sheraton Deira Hotel

This is where my dad works. This is not the biggest, ..not the grandest hotel. But for me.. it is.. MAJESTIC, of course!!!

The famous Deira Creek

In fact one of the most important landmarks of Dubai. The Creek is a natural sea-water inlet which cuts through the centre of the city. A walk along its banks stirs up the city’s years of trading traditions.

Camel on wheels - Land Cruiser

Belly Dancer performing at the desert camp

Dubai Desert Safari
is a must experience adventure tour. Otherwise called dune bashing, it is an entertaining thrill ride through the interiors of the desert, challenging the sand dunes.

Massive aquarium inside Dubai Mall

An arrangement at the Mall of Emirates.
These are just two of the countless enormous shopping malls in Dubai.

Sheikh Zayad Road

The longest road in the UAE which streches from Abu Dhabi to Ras Al Khaimah, running parallel to the coastline.

Clock Tower - Dubai's oldest structure built over 40 years ago.

I am bidding good bye to Dubai, hoping to come back soon.. to witness more new wonders!


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