Boy… I got tagged!

Wow… I won my first booker prize! Yes… I really mean it. Here is the just derived equation – Arundati : Booker Prize = Shalini : This award J Thanks to Lost World for being so sweet and generous! *Smiles* *Claps* *Applause*!!! Here I receive the award from Lost World, with a 1000 W smile!

I have been asked to write 10 honest things about myself. Since I have already written about the most honest ‘More than 10 things’ here, lemme instead share with you the Ten (in)significant things which made this week eventful.

Composed a ‘Happy Birthday’ email to my colleague G.P Dutt (name slightly changed) to receive his instantaneous reply, “…but Shalini, my birthday is in October”. Instead of just sending a Smiley, I don’t know why I replied “Oops… This mail was meant for my friend, G.P Dutt. Oh… what to do, both of you share the same common name!!” I still believe that he believed me! J 
I am sad about Erich Segal’s demise. What an astonishing writer he was! Though I was a major M&B reader once upon a time, Love Story is still one of my favorite favorite love stories!
I miss my parents, wish they were in Bangalore.
I made a curry for dinner out of sprouted groundnuts not realizing it was spoiled. I almost cried when I drained it into the dustbin, thinking of the tears I wiped while cutting onions, which also went into the bin holding hands with tomatoes and garlic and ginger!! L
Watched 3 idiots thrice from theatre, though not by choice. I might die if I have to watch it again in the next six months. BTW, Dil Chahta Hai is my all time favorite Amir Khan movie.
I am meeting two of my best friends today. I underline – it is heaven to be with childhood friends. Time and distance doesn’t matter, nothing can harm the closeness we share. Wanna bet?! J
Lemme tell you how I started blogging. Never cos I could foresee Lost World giving me an award! When I appeared for my first job interview in Bangalore, this guy asked me, “Don’t you own a blog?” He sounded so frosty, like it was a crime to not have one! Since I hated being stamped a ‘criminal’, I began to blog!! Until recently, my blog was all to itself. Except me nobody knew such a thing existed. Now I am glad that I have a handful of readers! Thank you all… J
Today, I am alive cos the last three times, I failed to finish 'Death-By-Chocolate' at one go. "How shameful...!!!" Right Bangaloreans?
Not always I am happy about being in India. …while I do get patriotic once in a while! At times I feel like escaping to somewhere (of course not to Pakistan or Bangladesh or Africa!) when the obvious problems of the country bother me. I am just being honest… Doing justice to the award I received!

I was being a Roman while in Rome yesterday; ...I mean, I was being a French when I was in Pondicherry yesterday. And it was fun! J

ere are my virtual friends, whom I wish to tag in return:

Anoop – Whose pictures I love! I have in fact visited few places referring this blog. …and what wonderful description he gives!

Dannilla – Madness Personified!! …who has amused me (still continues doing the same) with her writing skills. More than that, my very very close friend.
Sivaraman – The only one whom I bug at work for non professional reasons. Born with engineering skills, he is a writer at heart!
Nacha – …whom I still miss in office. She might appear silent; but in her is hidden a volcano of fun and laughter!
Destiny's child – A blog which I discovered recently. What interesting subjects she writes on. I am sure, you will also love it, just like I did.
Lay Man – He who comes up with some thought provoking and nostalgic write ups.
Abhilash – Who writes like the boy-next-door - very simple, yet very interesting!

Now, here are the 5 rules (to be strictly followed!):
1. Thank the person from whom you have received the award listing his / her blog link (ie, please thank me!!)

2. List 10 honest things about yourself (like I did)
3. Paste the ‘Honest Scrap’ logo on your blog (not asking for too much, right?) 
4. Choose 7 other worthy bloggers and list their links (U r not allowed to enjoy it alone) 
5. Notify the bloggers of the award, requesting them to follow the rules (so that they will not miss to receive the award)


Abhilash said...

Thanks for tagging me boss!!!

Boy-next-door... mm... never seen you anywhere. May be I am new to the area so might have missed. Kandu pidikyam :)

10 honest things were already written when someone gave me the same as an award long long ago.. once upon a time.

Still I will try to mingle your award with something interesting and write without loosing any of your rules.


You write funny and I like entertainment. You know... it is better to get a good reader than a good writer.

I am the reader!!!

Again thanks for the award aka tag.

lostworld said...

Shalini, thank you for doing this! Had me smiling throughout. I was just as excited when I got tagged/awarded the first time.. :-)

DCH is my fav Aamir Khan movie too. There's a funny story behind it too. I went for the movie with my neighbours(huge gang) & we were so excited we nearly booked tickets in advance for 'Shirdi Sai Baba'(also running in the same theatre that time) :-D One of us was sane enough to check before booking & thus ensured we watched DCH..

Couldn't finish Death by Chocolate?Tsk Tsk.. A chocoholic's mouth is watering! 3 Idiots thrice..too much. I salute you for your patience. Your story about how your blog was born was funny too.

I loved reading your list! :-)

Destiny's child... said...

Thank you so much Shalini....hugs! :)
I was once awarded the honest web blogger award by a friend. may be I should spice up the list this time :)
Thanks again :)

$$ said...

Thank you all... :)

anoop said...

Dudette, thanks!

you know that I do only photography posts on my main blog, but I do have an auxiliary blog - which I rarely update. I will really really try writing 10 honest things but I'm scared that I might get too honest as the blog enjoys abysmal readership. Also its been a long time since I did any introspection.. hmm.. so might really end up writing the post. but please don't have any expectations, im quite lazy when it comes to writing.

p.s.: just returned from aurangabad. Ajanta and Ellora caves were awesome.

$$ said...

I thought so..! No problem, cos I totally understand that ur blog captures only pictures! :)

...and where r the pics? Looking forward to them!

Tan said...

Hi Shalini,

I too did this tag.
Even my blog was also not known to anybody except me and some of my friends. Now, I have a handful of readers.

enjoyed reading about your cooking episode. :D Really funny!!!

Enjoy blogging!!!

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