Cockro-kin Robbins!

To make a less-exciting day more-exciting, few of my colleagues went to Baskin Robbins yesterday, to munch and enjoy their varied flavors of fancy ice creams!

….the afternoon indeed turned eventful after they discovered this guy hiding inside one of the cones!

By the way, I forgot to ask this friend if he found ‘him’ there before or after finish licking the brown deceiving chocolate bomb!

However, this doesn’t stop me from wishing all of you a very Happy Pongal


LIHKIN said...

Mr. Robbins would be shocked in seeing the cockroach basking in glory!!

Shimmer said...

eew , no no not gud!!! :(
I luv baskin robbins, but this puts it off my mind :(

anyways... Happy Pongal :D

Anonymous said...

'Cockrokin Robbins' - How creative :-)


$$ said...

@ LIHKIN a.k.a Nikhil :) - Thanks for stopping by! BTW, he is mr. cockrokin's photographer!

@ Shimmer - Thanks, hope u enjoyed vada & pongal on Pongal :)

@ Preeth - Thanks! :)

Pyari K said...

Just cant believe!

Anonymous said...

Many restaurants are offering free meals for a life time , if there customers experienced any problems with there food.So ask your colleagues to go ahead and claim it if they are interested :)

Abhilash said...

haaapy pongal boss!!!

Baskin Robbins was always a bhaskin robbins for me. I always have this icecream and see the money "bhasking"(slipping) from my pocket to the shop keeper's pocket.

Par what to say, Jabardast ice cream hain boss. You know when these ice creams were not popular we had a indian ice dish called kulfi. I dont know whether you had it anywhere.

Also there was an another one called barf ka gola. Hau!you unleashed my memories. Great yaar!!!

$$ said...

@ Pyari - Yes, you have to believe. ..n you know how much you pay for an ice cream at BR.

@ Anish - Yeah.. may be I should suggest that to my friend, and demand a share! ;)

@ Abilash - yeah, I love kulfi. So yummy it is!

Anonymous said...

I love the fire picture!

- Rangeela

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