Hatred is Not a Family Value

Love is blind, I have heard. But life has taught me that hatred is worse; it is a sightlessness that tears one apart without being killed.

I just cannot get this rid off my mind. Last night I was informed about the demise of somebody whom I know since childhood. She was a person whom I used to see almost daily till 6 years back. However, our acquaintance was limited to a smile whenever our eyes met. I could get some sleep only hours later, though I went to bed early. God..!! Is that fair to wipe away a life from earth so easily? Did you not remind yourself that her children still need a pillar to lean on?

Her husband too passed away few months back, leaving behind their children unaccompanied in this crowded world. Both of them are still in their teens; long way to move ahead in life!

It is in these situations that we value relationships. Unfortunate children; circumstances do not seem to favor them. Parents were involved in a love marriage, opposing the family. But, is that their mistake? Are we living in such a horrendous planet where even death cannot get over hatred?

I do not know if the souls need prayers, but certainly, children need love!


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