Laddu weds Insulin!

My trip to the US of A is at last confirmed. Oh, how impatient I’m now – to indulge in all those activities which I love and are not possible in India. Lovely and happening days ahead – I am pretty sure of that! J

I collected my tickets from the travel desk and as I walked back to my cube, I tried to recollect the list of things I am asked to carry for my friends and relatives there.

All what I can think of now are – Sambar powder from Swamy’s for Jaggy, Kuchippudi costumes for Sacramento cousin, Thirupati Balaji’s photo frame and Meera-Bhajans CD for the newly-wed friend, collection of Kalikkudukka for Shalu babe, insulin shots for uncle in Chicago … The list only would get longer!   

That is when I was told by somebody that the insulin shots will not be allowed to lounge in the flight unless the person travelling has some related health issue. Oh no… me, a total chocolate and gulab-jamun lover never want to lie to anybody that my blood is diabetically polluted. What if Sugar-God then says, “Tha-thaa-sthu” and it happens?! Sure; I don’t even want to take a chance! However, thinking of my Uncle who is being denied every sweet and also not-so-sweet thing in the world I feel, I definitely should help him in some way! 

I rang this uncle’s son to brainstorm and find a solution.

RaPi: Hello… do u realize it is 2:30 in the morning here?
Me: But it is a lovely evening here!:P
RaPi:  Now, what do you want?
Apparently, I should go diabetic if I am to carry those insulin shots in the flight. And I am not, touch-wood! So, what do we do?
Simple… even if they ask, don’t tell them you have them in your bag.
No… I don’t think I am in favor of lying to the officers!
Oh, sorry… I forgot that your dad’s name is ‘Sir. Harishchandra’!
Come on… let us discuss!
Indeed; at 2:30 in the middle of my sleep, I am getting too creative to give you ideas. Hmm… alright, do one thing!
Get a box of laddu from Anandabhavan and squeeze the insulin babies in between. They will have fun together in the box.
What? Have you gone bonkers?
I think it is a fabulous idea; if the officer asks you, you may tell the truth – that they are delicious laddus inside. If at all they open the box to confirm, you still have not lied cos they are actually there! 
Me: Then, what about the insulin? Should I tell him that this is how laddus in India lay eggs?
Prevention is better than cure; so wise Indians inject insulin into the laddus before consuming! Wow... this is brilliant!
Me: Bad idea…
RaPi: Alright… you want to make it believable, right? Then, here you go… tell him that you are amnesia-struck big time that you have no idea about what those insulin bottles are doing with the laddus! I know you are quite a drama-queen and will surely do a good job!
Me: Not knowing how to react, I kept quiet.
Now, please don’t disturb me; I shall call you tomorrow when it is 3 in the morning in India.
Good Night… Bye.

I hung the call and I am still trying to recall all the advice, ideas and points shared with me …while the phone rang again.

Instead of laddus, get a jumbo box of kaju-katli – the spherical ones with silver foil over it… I like them better. And please come soon; I just cannot wait - not for you, but for the kaju-katlis :P
huh?! :x :x

TGIF! Have a great weekend, folksJ


Swaram said...

LOL. Here's wishing u a gr8 journey and lotz of fun :) :)

Meety said...

Enjoy darling and yeah "I know you are quite a drama-queen and will surely do a good job! " sooo true ;-)

Rohan said...

U can cover d insulin also in silver wrapping and mix with some sweets!! And if asked u can tel d sweets now com with free insulin also!!
Anyways hav a grt time!!!

Dr Roshan R said...

you know... I always say out loud "let me wake up to find Amisha Patel, Minishha Lamba and Sonam Kapoor fighting for who deserves me more ( the names keep changing but not the thought !!)... Never once has the big G upstairs ever said "Tha-thaa-sthu" to me yet.

I really think you could get away with the "I'm diabetic" thingy... better than having to watch you get arrested on LIVE TV CHANNELS as "the terrorist girl from kannur who tried to smuggle dangerous looking vials of unknown substance into USA"..
then again, I can tell my friends "Hey !! I knew that girl from school.. back then itself, I suspected she was a terrorist !!".. :D

Shimmer said...

haahaha! funny uncle :D
so... what are u gonna do? i think u shud fill a facewash container with insulin :p hehe both look almost the same

hws my idea? ;)

and.. u dont gt insulin shots in US of A? ?? why not?

Vidya said...

Shalu, i never knew that you had such side businesses....ROFL!!!
delivering sweets!!! that too with free insulin!!!
i guess u must just try making laddus with insulin as a vital ingredient!!

raji cheta....mysore pak vendae??

MissAnnThrope said...

wat you getting me?

Nona said...

Bon voyage! I'm looking towards spicy stories from America. :) You can also write how you finally managed to give the insulin to your uncle.

D.Nambiar said...

Waiting for the story: Indian smuggles insulin,relates sweet tale.

Hey actually, maybe I should leak this to wikileaks :). When is the trip girl and do let us catch up if you are coming this side.

Tan said...

Happy journey dear!!!
Looking forward to your hilarious US stories!!!

$$ said...

@ Swaram - Thanks! :)

@ Meety - Who else can comment on that, my drama partner...!!! :P

@ Rohan - That is not a bad option! Thanks for sharing :) :)

@ Dr. Roshan - Keep trying; you never know... one day, Amisha Patel might serve your morning dose of coffee! ;)
BTW... to be on the safer side and also cos I am disinterested in showing up on news channels for the wrong reasons, tablets were packed instead of the bottles. Plus.. apparently, it should be (strictly) refrigerated before use! So, this option was the best!

$$ said...

@ Shimmer - Wow... brillianto idea! :)This Uncle is on his shot trip to the US and so, don't want to try out different medicines. Hence, all this drama! :)

@ Chechi - I am seriously considering! Majorly in need of pocket money! :P

@ MissAnnThrope - How abt white house?! ;)

@ Nona - Instead of the bottles, carried tablets as per the doctor's advice.

@ D.Nambiar - Wow Chech! Interesting headline. At least for this, I think it is worth trying out smuggling insulin into the country! What say? ;)

@ Tan - Thanks so much! :) :)

Shiva said...

Happy journey Shalini!!

"Oh no… me, a total chocolate and gulab-jamun lover never want to lie to anybody that my blood is diabetically polluted. What if Sugar-God then says, “Tha-thaa-sthu” and it happens?! Sure; I don’t even want to take a chance!" - too too good :) :)

$$ said...

Thanks Shiva! :)

lostworld said...

Hehehee,... Have a good vacation. Whether U write about what u did there or not, pls don't forget to tell us how the insulin finally got to US! ;)

Captain Haddock said...

lol...nice one...:) :) :)

The Traveler said...

I enjoy reading your blogs, High time u should start thinking of writing a book .. God bless!

Prateek Sur said...

wishing you a gr8 journey ahead!!

Jon said...

Haha nice one...
btw are u working in infy by anychance?

'cos I hrd many infoscions goin to chicag

Anonymous said...

Hahaha.. :)) Hope you were able to hide insulins and carry them :P

raji said...

hey shalu ,this one was really hilarious ..and finally did laddos wed insulin?how did u take them?

$$ said...

@ lostworld - The insulin reached there in the form of tablets!

@ Captain Haddock - Thanks! :)

@ The Traveler - Thanks a ton; I am really honored! :)

@ Prateek Sur - :)

@ Jon - Nope; I am not with Infy.

@ evanescentthoughts & Raji - Thanks and yes; they finally reached Chicago; however not in the form of insulin shots, but as tablets!

Jayesh George said...

So when are you leaving ??

wise donkey said...

Sugar God protects angels of mercy who undertakes mission impossible (imagine the tune in your mind)to run across 7 seas to deliver medicine to the needy.
They will bless you with laddus jamuns and kaju barfis, not diabetes.
Remember it next time:)
And if you still don't trust me, just start nodding and crying.

$$ said...

@ Jayesh - It has reached the needful person and the carrier is back in B'lore! :)

@ wise donkey - Points noted! Will not forget it next time! :)

Sujay said...

hey ru across the border now...how 2 reach u! was loggin in after a long time...

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