"Sheikh" it up in Dubai

Question for the day: “Recently, who lost world's highest position”?
Answers came from all over.

“George Bush”
“Amitab Bachan”
“Osama Bin Laden ”
“Ricky Ponting”

No”.. “No!!!!
He is “Babu Kuttan” from Kalyasseri.
“Huh…???” Everybody raised their eye brows! “Who is Babu Kuttan??”

Well… Babu Kuttan was the crane operator at Al-Burj - the tallest building in the world, in Dubai. However, Al-Burj has not reached the target height as it's still under construction. Recession and economic hungama (avayil) being the reasons, ruler of Dubai decided to stop ‘sheiking’ things for a while! Hence.. from the agenda of the year, he crossed out many to-do-things which he felt is unimportant (..and they became not-to-do-things!!!) Amongst the crossed, happened to be Babu Kuttan’s Al-Burj also!

The crane is still lying there, on the ‘highest position'..!! ..but not Babu Kuttan!!! ;)
“Where is Babu Kuttan??” Ah… nobody knows!


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