..who won million hearts!

Slumdog Millionaire is an appealing and emotive ride that will have you avowing a million reasons to enjoy it.

Oh My God..!! What a movie..!! Life portrayed in the film is so raw, unrefined and crude… yet the jumbled giggle of survival is so apparent! I fell in love with Jamal, Jamal & Jamal – Dev Patel, Tanay Hemant & Ayush Mahesh. I fell in love with A.R. Rahman. I fell in love with Antony Dod, the man behind the lens! …I fell in love with Slumdog Millionaire.. totally!

Like Dannie (ahemm.. not Danny Boyle) said, “What if the world ended day after tomorrow, you’ll never redeem your jaded souls!”. So…, what are you waiting for? Even if you are in the middle of the most important thing in your life, give it a break to watch one of the most fabulous cinemas ever made!

..but there is no lil Jamal, Salim and Lalita in the pic :(


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