Jai Ho!

Every night, we sleep under the cover of peacefulness because of the Jawans who watch for intruders and parasites! Yet…

There is no applause

When a solider returns from duty.
There is only remembrance
When he comes back in a coffin, wrapped in tricolor!

Here I salute each one of you, with gratitude and immense respect!

Don’t know why I feel extremely extremely patriotic today!


Swaram said...

Abs rt .. I feel more so on some days too! God bless them all!

Anonymous said...

Jai all the Jawans of India!

et said...

Its nice to hear that those brave hearts are remembered once in a while by one in the whole..

$$ said...

@ Swarnam - Yeah.. God Bless them!

@ Anonymous - Jai Kisan too! :)

@ et - Thanks!

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