Heights… heights of what?!

What has technology done to all of us in common?
It has made us a bunch of lazy bums.

I overheard this conversation in the elevator today. ...and I felt it is worth archiving in this little space here!  

Blue Shirt – Man, you were supposed to send the revised “blah blah blah” presentation to me, right?
Cow-Dung Green Shirt - Which one?
Blue Shirt – Where I asked you to shuffle the slides? I wanted the slides with tabular columns one after the other; but pie charts squeezed in b/w them!
Thinking I – Huh??!! You mean like tomato in a bread sandwich?
Cow-Dung Green Shirt - Huh… yeah, I have already sent it to you.
Blue Shirt – Oh, really?? When?
Cow-Dung Green Shirt – I guess last to last week.
Blue Shirt – Please… from now on, whenever you send an important email, please come to my cube and tell me.
Cow-Dung Green Shirt – Tell what?
Blue Shirt – …that you have sent an email and it is important!!!
Thinking I – And if it is less important, call and tell him that an email has been sent; however it is not so important!


Anonymous said...

Thats quite funny !!! reminder for a mail ??? maybe thats one way of showing that you are very busy ?? Quite humorous :)

Pyari K said...

he he he... Let me hide. ;)

I have done this just to realize how foolish I am!

Haree said...

I would say it is a good practice to inform the receiver in some way (call/sms/tell in person) if you send something important via e-mail. Many times I found important e-mails landing in spam.

Tan said...

I agrre with adreamygal.

Shalini Surendran said...

Adreamygal - Thanks! :) Yeah, may be! The busiest dudes will not have time for anything, but will have enough time to refresh cricinfo page and change facebook status to, "Oh.. exhausted, don't even have time to breath!!"

Pyari - So, r u in blue shirt or cow-dung green shirt?! :)

Haree - Thanks Haree, for posting ur thoughts!
We hardly send unimportant emails, so.. how many sms/reminders are we supposed to send? And another reminder abt the reminder?! ;) ;)

@ Tan - Thanks! :)

Pyari K said...

Blue.. :D

Vidya said...

Sounds funny but its true that we need to inform the recipient to get the work moving.....I used to send important mails and then tell them that i have sent it!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

tomato in a sandwich?! quite funny!

Swaram said...

Thatz heights :P

whoami said...

Nice one

$$ said...

@ Pyari - Oh... so, u belong to that category, huh?! :) :) :)

@ Vidya - yeah.. jokes apart, i do agree that at times it is required to alert them.

@ Preeth - :)

@ Swarnam - heheh, kinds heights! :)

Destiny's child... said...

Lol...what are we coming to?
And I often do this. Overhearing to keep myself entertained. ;)
But sometiems these peopel just talk so loud that there's nothign to 'over' hear. You simply, hear :D

D.Nambiar said...

The heights of hi-tech hard work gone waste. The word-of-mouth beat e-mails once again. It's a crazy world we live in.

Great post. I love what you saw in this situation. Way to go girl!!

$$ said...

@ Destiny's child - I have no idea where we are heading to! Yeah, like you said I just heard.. not over-heard!!! :)

@ D.Nambiar - Thanks chech!!! :)

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