Beware; MCPs in Town!

You agree it or not, this definitely is a man’s world! We live amongst a bunch of M.C.Ps - absolute Male Chauvinist Pigs! I swear, I am neither a feminist, nor I hate men. In fact, three of the four most important people in my life are men and they don’t belong to this category of which I am talking about!

Today, I got to know of this person, whom not even by mistake I want to meet in my life. Let me call him Mr. MCP. This guy received a wedding invite from a distant relative of his. The invite read this way,

Dear Mrs Mariam and Family,
We request the honor of your presence at the marriage of our daughter…..

Mr. MCP resent the invite to the sender adding this note:

Hello Mr.Joseph,

For your kind information, I am the head of the family and not my wife Mariam. She is just my wife! If you really want us to attend your daughter’s wedding, please send the invite once again to me, ie to the person who runs the family.

Thank You,

Guys, can you actually believe that somebody did this just because he felt his wife was given more importance than him? Such an insecure creature he is who craves for and demands superiority. And he shamelessly announced, “She is JUST my wife”. Does he mean that women in general are just passive objects not worthy of attention that they don’t even deserve to be addressed in a wedding invite?

Anyways, nothing much I could do about it other than writing this blog post and feeling sorry for his wife and daughters. I don't need to worry about his female friends cos for sure he will not be having any! You see, for obvious reasons!! 

I remind myself every second of how fortunate I am, 
for being My Dad’s daughter, My Brother’s Sister, My Husband's Wife and My Friends’ friend. I am truly blessed…

Anybody who passes by this blog post - what message do you have for such M.C.Ps who are in fact the ultimate losers in life?


lostworld said...

I feel sorry for the MCP! I hope the relative didn't re-send the invite or replied saying that "and family" included his royal highness..that should teach him a lesson(one hopes)!!!!

Dr Roshan R said...

is there really any point trying to show these ppl a mirror of what they are ? In my experience, they never learn.. it's just part of who they are. It isn't like an English textbook lesson where someone admonishes them and they realise their folly and change.. In real life, once an MCP, always an MCP.. believe me, I know quite a few to whom it applies.. be happy you're not related to them and pity those who are

Swaram said...

Sheesh! I thought only I come across such morons .. this is heights though :P
I go with Ro .. they shud never send him an invite as reqd. and the wife should attend the function even if he doesn't. I just hope she is a woman who has self-respect and does that though :)

Bikram said...

Hey first time here.. you got to understand from his point of view too.. Look Mr MCP is probably one of those sad men, who have done nothing much in there life, the one thing they have is the status of being the head of the family, just by the virtue of him being a MAN and earning.
So thats all his mentality and thats all he can say..

I still find it odd though in todays day and age when men-women are equal and work equally hard for the family still this guy had the audactiy..

I would send a new invite saying No thank you .. you stay at home.. Send Mrs Mariam and the kids

$$ said...

@ lostworld - I hope he gets a reply that way!

@ Roshan - totally agree, once an MCP always an mcp. it is just there in his blood!

@Swaram - yeah, i hope at least she attends / would have attended!

@ Bikram - Welcome to my blog :)
Even after 100 years, I think MCPs will not get extinct!

Vidya said...

This is my message for MCPs
Dear MCPs....
you wouldnt have born but for your mother
you wouldnt have got married but for the lady who chose to become your wife
you will never become a father but for your wife....


Haree said...

What to say! :-/
Looks like he is running the family like somebody runs a mill or a factory! Letters should be addressed to the concerned person through proper channel! :-)

Shiva said...

Am shocked that a person can actually do this.
I believe women should stop changing their lost names once they marry...respect as a human being should be there for all people forget women...!

Anonymous said...

Such people are a real termite in the growing tree of Equality.
I hope they will learn their lesson soon!!!

Preeti Shenoy said...

OH MY GOD!! What a @$$&*^&!

I can only truly feel bad for the women in his life who have no choice.

I too am counting my blessings that i dont have any such men in my life. (i would never have tolerated it)


$$ said...

@ Vidya - You have said it; bang on!!

@ Haree - A good factory owner will treat his employees better!

@ Shiva - It is the greatest quality anybody cud possess - to b able to respect his/her fellow beings irrespective of who / what they are!

@ Anonymous - Yes, they have to, they will get it back someday! BTW, please tell me who u r!

@ Preeti - Exactly; what a !@#$%%^!!

Pyari K said...


Haddock said...

Oh yes. . . . have come across many like these.
Some times I wonder why the girls/ladies still cling on to such men !!
By the way I am curious to know if Mr Joseph resend the invitation to Mrs Mariamma's Husband.
(please note he is Mrs Mariamma's husband)

Jith Thomas said...
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Jith Thomas said...

What ever. I can't understand why the Invitation was intended for the lady when a male sent it. Isn't there some thing fishy? Incase if a female sent it, wasn't she a Female Chauvinist Pig?

Here comes another MCP. :-)

Abhilash said...

I would say... MCP you rock and you are indeed a great man.

You are great because your female gender can only complain and never react back in your life and you are still treated as the real care taker of the family.

I would say there is nothing wrong by what the man said ... as his female companion did not try to get her rights owned. If she did then he would have recognized her importance and would never have said that.

I am not a supporter of the man but I would like to say that woman to protest against such practices and try to make the companion understand where they stand in the family.

I hope new generation would never react this way. We all, rather than criticising others should try to ensure we avoid such things in our families.

We should not be the problem finders but the ones who learn from mistakes and do not apply them in our life.

Grayquill said...

Hmmm...Have you noticed any bruises on Mrs. MCP or any bruises on his kids?
This is a sad story!
It is to bad his wife puts up with it - but maybe she has no choice.
I would write back> Dear Mr. MCP, I am so sorry you miss understood the invitation. You were not invited as part of the invitation. We intended to invite only your wife and children. Please don't come or the bouncers will bouncer you pathetic #^$ out the door.

$$ said...

@ Pyari - Indeed heights!

@ Haddock - In most cases, those women have no choice! :(

@ Jith - Yeah, i really doubt! ;)

@ Abhilash - Absolutely; you said it right!

@ Grayquill - How I wish, if Mr. MCP received such letter back!

Anonymous said...

I curse the MCP, and all existing MCPs in the world!
How cruel, in fact..!!


Aishwarya V said...

shocking indeed. a family gets its respect when both the man and the lady of the house are dignified set. moreover what's the point in the man getting all the attention when he is not in a state of mind to share it with his deared one with whom he shares his life!

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