Tweeting cannot get more dramatic!

Condolences to all those who lost their lives and dear ones in the fire that broke out in Carlton Towers this evening. It was indeed miserable to see people jump from top floors only to lose their lives! Oh… it cannot get worse! L

I have no idea what I would have done if I was one among the hundreds who got trapped inside! But definitely, I would not have changed my face book status to, “Guys… Guess what? This building is under fire. Oh, I am feeling hot and this smoke is spoiling my new salwar suit!”

Cheers to this guy who was tweeting when he was not sure if he is going to die or get saved! …if he will go home after a chai with his friends or by an ambulance!

This guy totally resembles one of those Bollywood heroes, who runs to his girl friend when he is almost thrashed and killed by the villain. …the kind of hero drenched in blood, who pulls out a duppatta from his pants pocket and howls at the heroine, At least now my Jaan, I have to reveal the secret - I am the same old boy who flicked and hid your lal-dupatta. Before I die, I think I should give it back to you saying SORRY; here it is…!!" 

The girl might have been fair, unfair or even more dramatic to the hero on-screen. However, to our joy, the off-screen tale has a happy ending! Our tweet'er hero cycled home safe to become a champion over-night! He, his tweets and photographs clicked in between the accident are everywhere - on news channels, portals, newspapers, blogs and where not??!!!

…and here are the tweets from the Reel Real Hero:

Carlton Towers is burning and six of us are trapped inside. The fire's above but there's smoke everywhere. Saw people jump to their death.
Don't call me folks, you can't help. Will keep posting.
Rescue ladder only reaches the fourth floor. We're on the fifth.
A Corner House treat to whoever gets a picture of me looking out of the window. Seriously, people, there's no need to panic. Bad for you.
Heard it's not a fire, just an electric short-circuit. Only smoke (itself quite dangerous).
Massive crowd outside. This must have choked traffic for kilometres around.
Cycling home. Won't take calls. Please feel free to use my pictures as needed.
I'm home safe now.

I seriously admire you, Mr.Cool Head..!!


Khan said...

this one kinda filmy ..

Sigma said...

Too much would love to meet this hero

Swaram said...

I read his tweets on the IBN site too.. Mr.TooVeryCool that one is!
But its really scary to even think of what I wud hv done :(
RIP everyone!

$$ said...

@ Khan - what we thought could happen in reel happened real!

@ Sigma - Yeah, me too!

@ Swarnam - May the families get on with their lives well, here after! God be with them!

lostworld said...

...and silly too!

These days, I've read ppl tweet/update status msgs on sites the second they get married too!!!!

Pyari said...

Check this as well (in case you have not noticed it)

Haddock said...

Its pretty sad, but there are some heroes too who saved many lives. Kudos to them.

$$ said...

@ lost world - Very true. Most of the times, u laugh at them; but at times it can be really annoying. I know this person who lost his wife and in 2 hours he changed his status, "I will miss u honey :(" Grrr....!!!

@ Pyari - Thanks for sharing!

@ Haddock - Cheers to them!!!

Anonymous said...

Some people are surprisingly like ice cubes, i mean dangerously cool.
But, what else could he have done? Instead of sitting idle / crying, he was tweeting! Fair enough!


anoop said...

Did I read cycling home! Yeah, cyclists are calm people. wink. Though I wouldn't resort to tweeting in such a situation, would have been surely calm and tried to understand the situation and render my services in any possible way.

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