Are you a devotee too?

Some worship God, some worship heroes,
Some worship power, some worship rank
…and over these ideals they dispute!
But in common, they all worship money for sure!!

How the great Kannada actor Vishnuvardhan’s fans expressed their love for their favorite hero, who is no more! P
icture clicked from a village near Mysore.


The Bald Guy said...

Saw your profile picture with your tongue sticking out, had to say hello.

Anonymous said...

so true !!! even a atheist will worship money ...cute one , few words , but makes to ponder so amny things :)

Anonymous said...

Nice - Apt words for the picture!
Hehe... i wonder how u imagined people worshiping money when u saw that jeep lying in that rickety place! Creative madam...

- Preeth

Abhilash said...

no wonder why the south indians burnt a theatre for a scene where the hero is been killed. :)

$$ said...

@ The Bald Guy - Hello to you too; Welcome to my blog! :)

@ adreamygal - Thank You! :)

@ Preeth - When I saw the jeep, I felt so sad for Vishnuvardhan. But when I gave it some more thought, I started envying him! ;) ;)

@ Abhilash - People are either at this extreme or that extreme!!!! They have no clue what they are upto...

et said...

Hey, i'm back ageen! :D
And yeah, these people got absolutely NO clue!

Grayquill said...

Are you saying you worship money?
We all do have our idols that I admit, but I am not saying it very loudly.

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