I heard my neighbor’s kid, a Class 4 boy making fun of his grand dad, “Have you gone nuts?! How could you even think of getting this pink shirt for me? Do you think I am a gay?”
And grandpa lovingly, Beta… But, what is wrong? This will suit you very well”
Boy at his disappointed grandpa, “Dada… For your kind information, boys wear pink only if they are gays and at least till now, I am not one!”
Surprisingly and innocently, Dada, “My Lord Balaji...!! Even you know what it means?!”  
He continues like a master,
“Dadaji… I know everything!
J If I wear pink, girls will think I am not interested in them! Why unnecessary confusions!?”
Dada rolling his eyes and raising his hand at the kid,
“I will crack your butt if you talk this way!”
Brat with a chuckle,
“Hahaha… Didn’t you know, like everybody I am already born with a cracked butt! And so, you need not take pains to do that again! ;)
Poor Dadaji,
“Hare Rama… Hare Krishna”
“Yes… that is better for you!”

My Dear Friends, Any comments?! 
After all, Aapka number bhi ayega - In less or more than three decades! J

Just a pinch of lal-mirchi added; otherwise the flavor is original! 


Swaram said...

Pls tell me this is fiction :P

Vidya said...

kitna mirchi daala tumne shalu???
Is it home made or did u get a parcel??lol

Sigma said...

ROFL... I've had my own share from my niece.. phew at times she leaves me gaping...

Anonymous said...

oh the pink thing is true... Addu HATES anything in pink or its relatives..... :-)

g2 said...

A similar thing happened to me :) My aunt was tried to recycle a pink T-shirt as a gift to me... and I had a very awkward time explaining that pink is gay :)

But it is sad that children are losing their innocence earlier... there is so much fun in innocence :)

$$ said...

@ Swaram - Sadly not; after i read ur comment, I updated it in the post! ;)

@ Vidya - Chechi, not much... like I said, just a pinch! :)

@ Sigma - Tanishka already a pokkirim huh?! ;) After all, whose niece?!!!

@ Vidyechi - Already Addu hates pink?! :0

@ g2 - Innocence is looted by MTV and video games! So, why blame them?

DPhatsez said...

just when I thought I wouldn't be reminded that I'm getting older..i come across your post. Sniff Sniff why can't I just young :)

Rohan said...

You should be old enough to understand that we kids know everything. . Please understand that. . :-P

Prateek Sur said...

try checking out my latest post..u'll know at the colour pink is all about..!!jst check out and comment on it..try following me as well..am following u..mu blog:

Anonymous said...

Wow.... what a smart kid, representative of his generation indeed!!! Abt the post, as hilarious as always!


et said...

OWW gen gap *already* ? Definitely slipping out of the border, huh!

$$ said...

@ DPhatsez - lets try to stay yound at heart, at least! ;)

@ Rohan - Yes, kids are born knowing everything! :)

@ Prateek Sur - yeah, i have left a comment there! :)

@ Preeth - Thanks a lot!

@ et - yes, major generation gap!!!! :)


Swaram said...

LOL .. Lal mirch tinge ;)

Anonymous said...

Glad to know that kids at your neighborhood are aware of 'these important facts'...Actually i'm having a tough time making my nephews understand all these :) and every time after these sessions 2, them my sister is giving me strange looks....it is my responsibility to guide them ..right...so that there girl friends won't 'think they are not interested in them' ....Am i wrong..you tell me :D

Haree said...

Ha ha ha...
Sometimes we do need to learn a lot from these (over)smart kids!
(We may propose this as a 'Tintumon' joke!)

But seriously, do we need these kinds of color codes? Earlier it was skin color and now in this modern age we are going to classify people by the color of their dress as well! Great!

OT: Ah! I am late reading this! Why don't you put a tweet? Or do I miss your tweet as well?

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

heh heh ..... you should have shown him a couple of govinda films !

Deepak said...

It is gross injustice that only gays have a dress code and not lesbians.

Whether it is injustice towards men or women, is purely a matter of perspective.

$$ said...

@ Swaram - Except the fact that it was told by 2 different brats, the story is unadulterated! :)

@ anishthomas - Not at all..! U r in fact making things easy for the kids!
BTW, I am glad that I don't have a brother like you! :P :P

@ Haree - What to do! Whether we like it or not, such stupid color codes do exist!
And my tweets appear on the side bar of this blog page. However, I don't update posts on twitter. Ahem ahem... what if I create controversy (going by the trend)? :P

@ Deepa - Yeah, that makes sense I believe! Either he will end up loving colors or hating them! :)

$$ said...

@ Deepak - I feel sad and sorry for men for this favoritism shown towards women! :P :P
But who know, may be blue is the undisclosed color for lesbians! ;)

Destiny's child... said...

Kids! Where do they get all this from? That sponteinity, clarity of thought...my god! That kid needs some serious whacking. Poor dear dadaji!

All said and done, couldn't stop laughing @ cracked butt:D

Bikram said...

I must confess I too got a Pink shirt ha haha :) and NO I AM NOT GAY....

$$ said...

@ Destiny's child - Yes, at times u feel like whacking them left right & centre! Otherwise, they are the most beautiful things on earth! ;)

@ Bikram - now that you have made it clear, it is fine! ;) ;)

Bikram said...

phewwwwwwwwww THANK YOU for that.. glad you understood and accepted ha ha ha ha ha

Sharath Kumar R said...

Something tells me my 4th grader grandchild will be bringing girls home and that's what I'll be doing the "I'll crack your butt!" dialogue for ...

Nona said...

Nice one!

Sigma said...

Sweeto I wasn't talking about Tani.. but Netanya :-) I expect TAni to outdo her.. after all she's my VERY OWN niece ;-)

$$ said...

@ Bikram - :)

@ Sharath Kumar - Few more years, wait and watch! :P

@ Sigma - Ohk... anyways, lets see what comes from Tany babe too!

lostworld said...

Nice new template. Pink..and so is the title of this post!

My 6 yr old cousin speaks like this so I'm not too surprised. When I'm old, I'll simply avoid kids the moment they learn to grasp & start speaking!!!

p.s. - remove the word verification. easier to post comments.

$$ said...

@ Nona - Thanks! :)

@ lostworld - Thank U! BTW, that is just a mere coincidence - the last post on pink and new template also in pink! :)

And on word verification, if I take that off, some stupid comments get posted on my random posts from faceless people! :(

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