Recipe for a change

Have u ever wondered how nonsensically boredom creeps into your day?

I realized it a while ago, when I was typing a mail to one of my colleagues. With a wrinkled face, I looked at the monitor thinking, “What a dull email… The same Verdana and the same boring blue font!” The next five minutes, I spent in making favorable edits to the default settings.

From this,

We are looking at publishing the article today”.

…I changed to:

We are looking at publishing the article today”.

Wow… Interesting! This is like Napoleon, the French emperor sending a quick one liner to Alexander the Great!

….in a while I get a new email:

Please check your settings. Your email appeared to me in some weird font. Guess you are not aware!”

When I learnt nobody lives up to the standard of Alexander here, I went back to sq 1…

I repeat: We are looking at publishing the article today.”

Wow… I love the color; wish I had a laced top in this shade of blue, which I can wear with the skirt I bought during last xmas!!! ;)


Sumod said...

Oye.... Echi.. you really need to start to write (I mean it). Your pen really has that vigour, and you see things in great detail. You ought to... come on...

Shalini Surendran said...

I am flattered, big time! :) :)

Shiva said...

I am still laughing!! :)

The Layman said...


The things that we think!! :)

Anonymous said...

Jobless! Absolutley!

shameel said...

nee enthinaa alexander-the great aanennu karuthi std illathavarkku ayakkunnathu.. alexander allenkilum 'The Great' aayi nammal ivide ille..?
Most welcome..

Shalini Surendran said...

@ Shiva, The Layman, G3 - A 100 W smile :)

@ Shameel - Did i ever ever tell u not "Mr. Great"? U r always the greatest! :)

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