Big Boss (BB)
Hi, Am I speaking to Suttu Cherian Chettiparambil?
He – Yes, This is Suttu. …and who is that?

BB: Hello Suttu, This is Kiran from AB&C, India. This is regarding a job opening in our company. I hope I can talk to you now.
He – I have not brushed my teeth yet; if that is not a problem for you, yes – we can speak now. Hey… Just kidding!!

BB – Looked at his watch; 10 past 10!
Oh, no problem! If you need some time to freshen up, I can call you after some time.
He No no, you please carry on. I don’t think brushing is mandatory to speak over the phone! Right?

BB –
Ya, true; but should I encourage him to continue the habit?
Ya ya, absolutely! So, Suttu I head the Architecture Team in AB&C. Our area of work is mainly validation of the….
He – Lemme just interrupt you. Why don’t you send me an email in detail? I understand, it is extremely difficult to explain details on the phone. In any case, I don’t think it matters cos AB&Z is my dream company. I have been wanting to be a part of AB&Z… I mean AB&C since I joined engineering.

BB – Puzzled. How do I react?
Excuse me…
He – Alright! Lemme be honest. My honey is coming back from home; she is in the railway station waiting for me. If you really don’t want to ruin our relationship, can we talk later? Please take down my email id.

BB –
My foot!!!
Oh sure!

He –
S as in Shit, W – Wacky, E – Ego, E – Eccentric, T – Traitor, Y – Yucky, N – Naked, S – Sexy, A – Ass, L – Liar, T - Tapeworm and Y as in Yell. And that reads sweetynsalty@ soandso.com

BB –
What the bloody hell!
Alright; Great. Thanks.

He –
It was lovely talking to you. Thanks a ton; had you not called me, I would have been in a deep, deep shit! Bye. I will surely reply to your email.

BB –
Did somebody just zip my otherwise wagging tongue?!


The Layman said...

Somebody just lot a job opening. So much we know :)

Anonymous said...

Nay, not job opening, guess someone is really pisssssssssssssd ooffffffffffffffff with some Big Boss!!!!!

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