Virtual Buddy, Tata…!!!

These days, I hear more of goodbyes and relocations! My virtual fun partner at Intel, who is one of the most humorous girls I have met in Bangalore, is bidding good bye in another 14 days. Oh Sweetie, I am gonna miss you …terribly! :(

There is no specific time or pattern to how we buzz each other on IM, the internal messenger. …n we need not have a reason too!

When I have something urgent to finish by 2:00 p.m I ping her at 1:30. And this is how our conversation goes.

Work v/s Laziness; whom do you think will win?!
Nacha: Hard question! Right now, I have team lead + mentor + V in a meeting, while B is on the phone. So, please decide for me.
Me: I see chances for laziness cos boredom supports it big time. But no other go; u have to see that work wins! Hence, I say, bye bye!
Nacha: Ya, bye-bye takes upper hand!

At times, out of the blue;

Hey, guess what? I feel like a potato!
Me: Really? That is such a wonderful feeling!

She left me thinking, “How is it to feel like a potato – peeled off? Buried in the ground? Or brown
in color?”

Once after a meeting with one of her colleagues, she was in a mood to advice me.

Process. There must be a process for everything. You see, only then you will become a heroine here!
Me: Oh really? But, I am taught more important is to grab every opportunity that comes your way!
Nacha: Well… we ‘quarkers’ believe in processing!
Me: Communicators believe otherwise! ;)

The messenger beeped again on my screen:

Go back to your grave, O my Dream, under forests of snow,
Where a heart-riven child hid you once, seven eons ago
Who bade you arise from your darkness? I bid you depart!
Profane not the shrines I have raised in the clefts of my heart."

Disclaimer: Will dare disturb u again if I have anything else worthy!

One of these days, lady had a review with her prof.

8:34 a.m.
Nacha: Guess who has her review today?

10:37 a.m.
Nacha‎‎: Guess who blabbered nonstop for the first 5 minutes of her review then went on a word spree at a speed of 100 words per minute for the rest of her review?

Next Day:
Me: Grape wine says somebody's review went exceptionally well and excellent remarks were given to somebody!
Nacha: REALLY??? How I love the grape wine! ;)

Once in a while, she also reminds me,

Nacha: I have been working so hard, really hard. If you didn’t know, that is even though my manager and team lead are missing!
Me: Yeah, I trust you. I swear!

One day, this is how she greeted me to a new day at work.

Conversing with an Aquarian female is usually a delight because of her charming manners. So, for your joy - Good Morning!
Me: Ahem Ahem! The Virgo Lady a.k.a Perfect Woman says “Thank You, Same to You!”
‎‎Nacha: Well, we are wonderfully humble!

In the last 6 months, we have had umpteen such conversations and I enjoyed every bit of it.

Even this morning…

Buddy, I am gonna miss you a lot. Wishing you the very best in life! :) :)


Nacha said...


[ROFL shalini, I remember whooping out loud from within my cube after reading this post] May the whacky side of life continue to amuse us all!
*Gtalk to the rescue*

lots of luv and Cheers! :)
P.S: I hav this webpage saved on my desktop, for purely non narcissistic reasons ;)

Smilie! said...

Nacha - Danks a lot! :)

Nacha said...

I have a wide toothy grin on my face right now. This post is responsible.

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